The Repositório.UL is the institutional repository of the University of Lisbon.

Is a collection of documents that form the intellectual, academic and scientific production of this university community. Aims to gather, organize, disseminate and preserve the scientific production of UL.

In Repositório.UL you can find various types of documents in digital format, resulting from the research activities in the UL, namely: doctoral theses, dissertations, articles in national and international scientific journals, presentations at congresses and conferences, among others, from all the scientific areas existing in UL.

The Repositório.UL is globally accessible. However, the auto-archive of documents is restricted to members of UL (teaching staff, researchers, students of 2nd and 3rd degree cycle, non-teaching staff) and only in the context of its activities at the University of Lisbon.

The Repositório.UL is integrated into RCAAP Project (Scientific Open Access Repositories of Portugal).