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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Building Scenarios for Sustainable Urbanisation: Balancing ‘Can’, ‘Need’, and ‘Want’, Urbanisation and Global Environmental ChangeBina, Olívia; Ricci, Andrea
2014A economia do futuro: a visão de cidadãos, empresários e autarcasFerrão, João, 1952-; Ramos, Alice, 1963-; Mourato, João Morais, 1975-; Pato, João Howell, 1974-; Bina, Olívia; Carvalho, Rui
2013Efficiency, planning, and design: common challenges for China and EuropeBina, Olívia
2010Environmental governance in China: weakness and potential from an environmental policy integration perspectiveBina, Olívia
2013Functional Regions, Urban-Rural Relations and Post 2013 Cohesion PolicyFerrão, João, 1952-; Mourato, João Morais, 1975-; Balula, Luís; Bina, Olívia
2015Getting the education for the city we wantBina, Olívia; Fokdal, Josefine; Balula, Luís; Varanda, Marta Pedro, 1965-
2010A Good Life sees Virtue in ResponsibilityVaz, Sofia Guedes; Bina, Olívia
2011Green economy: fix our 'ends' not just our 'means'Bina, Olívia
2010Low Carbon Economies and SEA in AsiaBina, Olívia; Ricci, Andrea
2015Policy Mechanisms for Sustainability: Exploring scenario and storyline building techniques for sustainable urbanisation - the case of China in 2050Bina, Olívia; Ricci, Andrea; Giuffré, Giovanna
2014Que economia queremos?Ferrão, João, 1952-; Carvalho, Rui; Ramos, Alice, 1963-; Bina, Olívia; Mourato, João Morais, 1975-
2015The "Eco" and "Low-carbon" promise: a critical review of China's experienceBalula, Luís; Bina, Olívia
2014The future imagined: exploring utopia and dystopia in popular art as a means of understanding today’s challenges and tomorrow's optionsBina, Olívia; Mateus, Sandra; Pereira, Lavínia; Caffa, Annalisa
2015Trends, Implications and Policy Support MechanismsBina, Olívia; Balula, Luís; Ricci, Andrea; Ma, Zhong; Hart, Craig
2015University Graduate Syllabi for Urban Studies: a comparative perspective: China, EU, WorldBina, Olívia; Balula, Luís; Varanda, Marta Pedro, 1965-; Fokdal, Josefine
2014Urban Futures - Squaring Circles: Europe, China and the World in 2050. Conference ProceedingsBina, Olívia; Balula, Luís; Ricci, Andrea
2014Urban Futures - Squaring Circles: Europe, China and the World in 2050. KeynotesBina, Olívia; Balula, Luís; Ricci, Andrea
2014Urban Futures: exploring participatory, normative, backcasting approaches in developing sustainable storylines for Chinese urbanisation to 2050Bina, Olívia; Ricci, Andrea