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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Jul-2015MAPKs are key players in mediating cytokine release and cell death induced by unconjugated bilirubin in cultured rat cortical astrocytesFernandes, Adelaide; Falcao, Ana S.; Silva, Rui F. M.; Brito, Maria A.; Brites, Dora
2009Neuronal cytoskeletal dynamic modification induced by unconjugated bilirubinBrites, Dora; Malhó, Rui; Coutinho, Eduarda Cristina Duarte de Magalhães
22-Jul-2015Profile of early microglial activation by unconjugated bilirubinSilva, Sandra L.; Vaz, Ana Rita; Fernandes, Adelaide; Falco, Ana S.; Brito, M. Alexandra; Silva, Rui F. M.; Brites, Dora
2013Profiling new histological biomarkers for oligodendrogliomasBrites, Dora; Falcão, Ana Sofia; Macedo, Sandra Cristina Lourenço de
22-Jul-2015Roles of amyloid beta-peptide-associated oxidative stress and proteomics-identified brain protein oxidative modifications in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's diseaseBrito, Maria Alexandra; Lima, Silvia; Fernandes, Adelaide; Fulcao, Ana Sofia; Silva, Rui F. M.; Butteifield, D. Allan; Brites, Dora
2007Synthesis and Friedlander reactions of 5-amino-4-cyano-1,3-oxazolesCarreiras, Maria do Carmo; Eleutério, Ana; Dias, Catarina; Brito, Maria Alexandra; Brites, Dora; Marco-Contelles, José; Gómez-Sánchez, Elena
22-Jul-2015Synthesis and Friedlander reactions of 5-amino-4-cyano-1,3-oxazolesCarreiras, M. Carmo; Eleuterio, Ana; Dias, Catarina; Brito, M. Alexandra; Brites, Dora; Marco-Contelles, J.; Gomez-Sanchez, Elena
22-Jul-2015Unconjugated bilirubin activates and damages microgliaGordo, Ana C.; Falcao, Ana S.; Fernandes, Adelaide; Brito, Maria A.; Silva, Rui F. M.; Brites, Dora
22-Jul-2015Unconjugated bilirubin differentially affects the redox status of neuronal and astroglial cellsBrito, Maria A.; Rosa, Alexandra I.; Falcao, Ana S.; Fernandes, Adelaide; Silva, Rui F. M.; Butterfield, D. Allan; Brites, Dora
22-Jul-2015Unconjugated bilirubin impairs neurite outgrowth in mouse hippocampal neurons. Is there an action at the growth cone?Borralho, Adelaide Fernandes; Brites, Dora; Lanier, Lorene M.