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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Relationships between the structure of sublitoral assemblages and habitat complexity in a rocky shore in the Portugal coastCabral, Henrique N., 1969-; Silva, Ana; Pinto, Daniel Frias de Barros Lopes, 1986-
2014Seafood consumption in Portugal : patterns, drivers and sustainabilityCabral, Henrique N., 1969-; Ziegler, Friederike; Vaz, Sofia de Azevedo Guedes, 1964-; Almeida, Cheila Pereira, 1980-
2011Spatial and temporal variation of fish assemblages in estuarine systems : habitat use, dependence and connectivityCosta, Maria José Rosado, 1947-; Cabral, Henrique N., 1969-; França, Susana de Oliveira Braga da Silva, 1979-
2013Status and conservation of Madeiran Storm-petrel Oceanodroma castro in Farilhão Grande, Berlengas, Portugal: relevance to the management plan of this protected areaGranadeiro, José Pedro, 1964-; Cabral, Henrique N., 1969-; Mendes, Ana Rita Neto, 1987-
2009Stock assessment and management of multi-species fisheries:the case study of flatfish fisheries in the portuguese coastCabral, Henrique N., 1969-; Teixeira, Célia Maria Mascarenhas dos Santos, 1969-
2011Temperature tolerance and potential impacts of climate change on marine and estuarine organismsCabral, Henrique N., 1969-; Vinagre, Catarina; Madeira, Diana Sofia Gusmão Coito, 1988-
2012Tetracycline tagging in embryos of two gobiesocid species, L. purpurea and L. lepadogasterCabral, Henrique N., 1969-; Faria, Ana; Rebelo, Ana Sofia Pires, 1986-
2013Tidal pools as nursery areas for marine fish larvae and juveniles: habitat use and trophic ecologyCabral, Henrique N., 1969-; Vinagre, Catarina Maria Batista, 1978-; Dias, Marta Andreia Duarte, 1989-
2015Variability in growth and condition of juvenile common two-banded sea bream (Diplodus vulgaris)Cabral, Henrique N., 1969-; Vasconcelos, Rita; Vicente, Patrícia Nunes, 1980-