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7-Mar-2010Alterations on peripheral blood B-cell subpopulations in very early arthritis patientsMoura, Rita A.; Weinmann, Pamela; Pereira, Patrícia A.; Caetano-Lopes, Joana; Canhão, Helena; Sousa, Elsa; Mourão, Ana F.; Rodrigues, Ana M.; Queiroz, Mário V.; Souto-Carneiro, Maria M.; Graça, Luís; Fonseca, João E.articlerestrictedAccess
2010Chronic arthritis leads to disturbances in the bone collagen networkCaetano-Lopes, Joana; Nery, Ana M.; Canhão, Helena; Duarte, Joana; Cascão, Rita; Rodrigues, Ana; Perpétuo, Inês P.; Abdulghani, Saba; Amaral, Pedro M.; Sakaguchi, Shimon; Konttinen, Yrjö T.; Graça, Luís; Vaz, Maria F.; Fonseca, João E.articleopenAccess
2006Co-receptor and co-stimulation blockade for mixed chimerism and tolerance without myelosuppressive conditioningGraça, Luís; Daley, Stephen; Fairchild, Paul J.; Cobbold, Stephen P; Waldmann, HermanarticleopenAccess
2010Identification of a cytokine network sustaining neutrophil and Th17 activation in untreated early rheumatoid arthritisCascão, Rita; Moura, Rita A.; Perpétuo, Inês; Canhão, Helena; Vieira-Sousa, Elsa; Mourão, Ana F.; Rodrigues, Ana M.; Polido-Pereira, Joaquim; Queiroz, Mário V.; Rosário, Henrique S.; Souto-Carneiro, Maria M.; Graça, Luís; Fonseca, João E.articleopenAccess
Jul-2010Identification of regulatory Foxp3+ invariant NKT cells induced by TGF-bMonteiro, Marta; Almeida, Catarina F.; Caridade, Marta; Ribot, Julie C.; Duarte, Joana; Agua-Doce, Ana; Wollenberg, Ivonne; Silva-Santos, Bruno; Graça, LuísarticlerestrictedAccess
Out-2010Mechanisms of tolerance and allergic sensitization in the airways and the lungsCurotto de Lafaille, Maria A.; Lafaille, Juan J.; Graça, LuísarticlerestrictedAccess
Mai-2010Modulation of IL-17 and Foxp3 expression in the prevention of autoimmune arthritis in miceDuarte, Joana; Agua-Doce, Ana; Oliveira, Vanessa G.; Fonseca, João Eurico; Graça, LuísarticleopenAccess
Out-2010Monoclonal anti-CD8 therapy induces disease amelioration in the K/BxN mouse model of spontaneous chronic polyarthritisRaposo, Bruno R.; Rodrigues-Santos, Paulo; Carvalheiro, Helena; Água-Doce, Ana M.; Carvalho, Lina; Pereira da Silva, José A.; Graça, Luís; Souto-Carneiro, M. MargaridaarticlerestrictedAccess