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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2008Facile synthesis of Naphtho[2,3-d]isoxazole-4,9-diones derivativesSantos, Maria MM; Iley, Jim; Moreira, RuiarticlerestrictedAccess
2010Reaction of naphthoquinones with substituted nitromethanes. Facile synthesis and antifungal activity of naphtho[2,3- d]isoxazole-4,9-dionesSantos, Maria M. M.; Faria, Natália; Iley, Jim; Coles, Simon J.; Hursthouse, Michael B.; Martins, M. Luz; Moreira, RuiarticlerestrictedAccess
2006Reactivity of imidazolidin-4-one derivatives of primaquineChambel, Paula; Capela, Rita; Lopes, Francisca; Iley, Jim; Morais, Jose; Gouveia, Luis; Gomes, Jose R. B.; Gomes, Paula; Moreira, RuiarticlerestrictedAccess
2005Synthesis and Evaluation of triazene prodrugs as candidate for Melanocyte-Directed Enzyme Prodrug Therapy (MDEPT)Mendes, Eduarda; Iley, Jim; Moreira, Rui; Perry, MJesusarticlerestrictedAccess
2007The 1,4-naphthoquinone scaffold in the design of cysteine protease inhibitorsValente, Claudia; Moreira, Rul; Guedes, Rita C.; Iley, Jim; Jaffar, Mohammed; Douglas, Kenneth T.articlerestrictedAccess
2007The efficiency of C-4 substituents in activating the beta-lactam scaffold towards serine proteases and hydroxide ionMulchande, Jalmira; Martins, Luisa; Moreira, Rui; Archer, Margarida; Oliveira, Tania F.; Iley, JimarticlerestrictedAccess
2008Unanticipated acyloxymethylation of sumatriptan indole nitrogen atom and its implications in prodrug designRodrigues, Tiago; Moreira, Rui; Guedes, Rita C.; Iley, Jim; Lopes, FranciscaarticlerestrictedAccess