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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Development and improvement of aquaculture protocols through fatty acid analysis and modeling=Desenvolvimento e melhoramento de protocolos de aquacultura através de análise de ácidos gordos e modelaçãoJunda Lin; Narciso, Luís, 1959-; Figueiredo, Joana Cordeiro, 1980-
2015Ecology of the common octopus "Octopus vulgaris" (Cuvier, 1797) in the Atlantic Iberian coast : life cycle strategies under different oceanographic regimesNarciso, Luís, 1959-; González González, Ángel F.; Lourenço, Sílvia Alexandra Pereira, 1978-
2008Experimental and commercial production of Lysmata seticaudataNarciso, Luís, 1959-; Schaff, Brian; Rocha, Ana Patrícia Pereira, 1984-
2012Impact of global warming on the spawning success, metabolism and embryogenesis of a specialized soft coral-feeding nudibranch, Armina maculataRosa, Rui Afonso Bairrão da, 1976-; Narciso, Luís, 1959-; Pires, Vanessa Leal, 1988-
2011A new home for the long-snouted seahorse : Hippocampus guttulatus : breeding in captivity to preserve in the wildNarciso, Luís, 1959-; Paula, José Pavão Mendes de, 1959-; Jesus, Filipa Faleiro de, 1981-
2013Optimizing the dietary protein: lipid ratio on meagre (Argyrosomus regius): effects on growth and lipid depositionNarciso, Luís, 1959-; Ferreira, Pedro Pousão; Fernandes, João Paulo Cardoso Lopes, 1985-
2012Physiological and behavioral responses of temperate seahorses (Hippocampus guttulatus) to environmental warmingRosa, Rui Afonso Bairrão da, 1976-; Narciso, Luís, 1959-; Aurélio, Maria Luísa, 1988-
2012Red porgy Pagrus pagrus:ontogeny and culture methodsDinis, Maria Teresa, 1945-; Narciso, Luís, 1959-; Andrade, Carlos Alberto Pestana, 1962-
2014Thermal tolerance and acclimation capacity in tropical and temperate coastal organismsVinagre, Catarina Maria Batista, 1978-; Narciso, Luís, 1959-; Leal, Inês Agra Vasconcelos, 1991-
2013Tropical and temperate shrimps response to global warming: a comprehensive physiological and biochemical comparisonNarciso, Luís, 1959-; Neves, Manuel de Carreira Lopes e Marques, 1988-