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2014Human γδ thymocytes are functionally immature and differentiate into cytotoxic type 1 effector T cells upon IL-2/IL-15 signalingRibot, Julie C.; Ribeiro, Sérgio T.; Correia, Daniel V.; Sousa, Ana E.; Silva-Santos, BrunoarticleclosedAccess
Fev-2010Identification of a panel of ten cell surface protein antigens associated with immunotargeting of leukemias and lymphomas by peripheral blood γδ T cellsGomes, Anita Q.; Correia, Daniel V.; Grosso, Ana R.; Lança, Telma; Ferreira, Cristina; Lacerda, João F.; Barata, João T.; Gomes da Silva, Maria; Silva-Santos, BrunoarticleopenAccess
Jul-2010Identification of regulatory Foxp3+ invariant NKT cells induced by TGF-bMonteiro, Marta; Almeida, Catarina F.; Caridade, Marta; Ribot, Julie C.; Duarte, Joana; Agua-Doce, Ana; Wollenberg, Ivonne; Silva-Santos, Bruno; Graça, LuísarticlerestrictedAccess
2010Inhibition of murine γδ lymphocyte expansion and effector function by regulatory αβ T cells is cell-contact-dependent and sensitive to GITR modulationGonçalves-Sousa, Natacha; Ribot, Julie C.; Barros, Ana de; Correia, Daniel V.; Caramalho, Íris; Silva-Santos, BrunoarticlerestrictedAccess
25-Ago-2010The MHC class Ib protein ULBP1 is a nonredundant determinant of leukemia/lymphoma susceptibility to γδ T-cell cytotoxicityLança, Telma; Correia, Daniel V.; Moita, Catarina F.; Raquel, Helena; Neves-Costa, Ana; Ferreira, Cristina; Ramalho, José S.; Barata, João T.; Moita, Luís F.; Gomes, Anita Q.; Silva-Santos, BrunoarticlerestrictedAccess
15-Dez-2010Targeting γδ T lymphocytes for cancer immunotherapy : from novel mechanistic insight to clinical applicationGomes, Anita Q.; Martins, Duarte S.; Silva-Santos, BrunoarticlerestrictedAccess