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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2011Happy at home and going international: Young Portuguese MuslimsTiesler, Nina Clara, 1968-articleopenAccess
2014Introduction. Globalization, Sports Labor Migration and Women's MobilitiesAgergaard, Sine; Tiesler, Nina Clara, 1968-bookPartrestrictedAccess
2012Ligações culturais entre portugueses na Alemanha: o futebol e a gastronomia como espaços sociais para convívios internacionaisTiesler, Nina Clara, 1968-; Bergano, Nélia AlvesarticleopenAccess
2011Main trends and patterns in Women’s Football MigrationTiesler, Nina Clara, 1968-conferenceObjectopenAccess
2012Mobile Spielerinnen als Akteurinnen im Globalisierungsprozess des FrauenfußballsTiesler, Nina Clara, 1968-bookPartrestrictedAccess
2010Muslim Populations in PortugalTiesler, Nina Clara, 1968-bookPartopenAccess
2011PortugalTiesler, Nina Clara, 1968-bookPartopenAccess
2012PortugalTiesler, Nina Clara, 1968-; Mapril, José, 1975-bookPartopenAccess
2013PortugalMapril, José, 1975-; Tiesler, Nina Clara, 1968-bookPartopenAccess
2012Religion in PortugalDix, Steffen; Tiesler, Nina Clara, 1968-bookPartopenAccess
2014The typology of athlectic migrants revisited: transnational settlers, sojourners and mobilesAgergaard, Sine; Botelho, Vera Lúcia; Tiesler, Nina Clara, 1968-bookPartrestrictedAccess
2014Three Types of Transnational Players: differing women’s football mobility projects in core and developing countriesTiesler, Nina Clara, 1968-otheropenAccess
2013Verlust der Begriffe, Fixierung auf Religion und Tradition: Zur konstruktion muslimischer Identität in öffentlichen und sozialwissenschaftlichen DiskursenTiesler, Nina Clara, 1968-bookPartopenAccess
2014Women, Soccer and Transnational MigrationAgergaard, Sine; Tiesler, Nina Clara, 1968-bookrestrictedAccess