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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009From Infra-Humanization to Discrimination: The Mediation of Symbolic Threat Needs Egalitarian NormsPereira, Cícero Roberto; Vala, Jorge, 1947-; Leyens, Jacques Philippe
2010From Prejudice to Discrimination: The Legitimizing Role of Perceived Threat Indiscrimination Against ImmigrantsPereira, Cícero Roberto; Vala, Jorge, 1947-; Lopes, Rui Costa
2011Group heterogeneity and social validation of everyday knowledge: the mediating role of perceived group participationVala, Jorge, 1947-; Drozda-Senkowska, Ewa; Oberlé, Dominique; Lopes, Diniz; Silva, Pedro
2011Human values and opposition towards immigration in EuropeVala, Jorge, 1947-; Ramos, Alice, 1963-
2010Identidade nacional, inclusão e exclusão socialSobral, José Manuel, 1952-; Vala, Jorge, 1947-
2012Intergroup time bias and racialized social relationsVala, Jorge, 1947-; Pereira, Cícero Roberto; Lima, Marcus Eugênio Oliveira; Leyens, Jacques-Philippe
2009Is the attribution of cultural differences to minorities an expression of racial prejudice?Vala, Jorge, 1947-; Pereira, Cícero Roberto; Lopes, Rui Costa
2008Justice in our World and in Others World: Belief in a Just World and Reactions to VictimsAguiar, Patrícia; Vala, Jorge, 1947-; Correia, Isabel; Pereira, Cícero Roberto
2011A legitimação da discriminação em diferentes contextos normativosPereira, Cícero Roberto; Vala, Jorge, 1947-
2012National identity and attitudes towards immigrants in a comparative perspectiveVala, Jorge, 1947-; Lopes, Rui Costa
2008Oposição a Políticas Anti-Racistas na Europa: Factores Individuais e Sócio-EstruturaisRamos, Alice, 1963-; Vala, Jorge, 1947-; Pereira, Cícero Roberto
2013Pensamento social e representações sociaisVala, Jorge, 1947-; Castro, Paula
2013Racisms: Social Representations, Racial Prejudice and Normative PressuresVala, Jorge, 1947-
2012Similarity and dissimilarity in intergroup relations: different dimensions, different processesCosta-Lopes, Rui, 1981-; Vala, Jorge, 1947-; Judd, Charles M.
2009Stereotype content model across cultures: towards universal similarities and some differencesVala, Jorge, 1947-
2014Validation of group decisions: Why and when perceived group heterogeneity is relevantLopes, Diniz; Vala, Jorge, 1947-; Oberlé, Domininque; Drozda-Senkowska, Ewa
2009A vida emocional dos eleitoresVala, Jorge, 1947-; Rodrigues, David das Neves, 1974-
2012When do people derogate or psychologically distance themselves from victims? Belief in a just world and ingroup identificationCorreia, Isabel; Alves, Hélder; Sutton, Robbie M.; Ramos, Miguel; Pereira, Maria Gouveia; Vala, Jorge, 1947-
2010Youth attitudes toward difference and diversity: a cross-national analysisVala, Jorge, 1947-; Costa-Lopes, Rui, 1981-