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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011New tools for improving culture strategies for Hepatocyte differentiationReal, Gonçalo; Zilhão, Rita, 1959-; Silva, Marta Sofia Marques, 1988-
2011Proneural bHLH: cell population dynamics in mouse retinaGaspar, Cláudia; Zilhão, Rita, 1959-; Miragaia, Ricardo Júdice, 1988-
2011Regulation of DII4 expression in cells committing to differentiation in the V2 domain of the developing spinal cordRamos, Catarina; Zilhão, Rita, 1959-; Neves, Joana Matos das, 1988-
2015Role of Arl13b-exocyst interaction in ciliogenesisBarral, Duarte; Zilhão, Rita, 1959-; Moreiras, Hugo António Fragoso, 1990-
2011The efects of low-dose ionizing radiation on angiogenesisConstantino, Susana; Zilhão, Rita, 1959-; Oliveira, Inês Sofia Batista Vala Silva de, 1981-
2010The role of a newly discovered family of transcription factors, APIAP2, during the development of the rodent malaria parasite Plasmodium bergheiZilhão, Rita, 1959-; Mair, Gunnar R.; Gomes, Ana Rita Batista, 1987
2013The role of notch signaling in thymic and para thyroid glands organogenesisNeves, Hélia Cristina de Oliveira, 1972-; Zilhão, Rita, 1959-; Silva, Joana Clara, 1990-
2011The role of Notch signaling in thymic epithelium developmentZilhão, Rita, 1959-; Neves, Hélia Cristina de Oliveira, 1972-; Figueiredo, Marta Sofia Carvalho Teles de, 1988-; Neves, Hélia Cristina de Oliveira, 1972-
2013Translational control by an upstream open reading frame in the human erythropoietin transcriptLoison, Luísa Romão, 1963-; Zilhão, Rita, 1959-; Barbosa, Cristina Maria Botelho da Rocha, 1986-
2014Uncovering the role of host Cullin 3 during Plasmodium berghei liver stage infectionLuis, Vanessa Alexandra Zuzarte; Zilhão, Rita, 1959-; Cristo, Gabriela Stephanie Peres, 1985-