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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Analysis of CFTR mutants in epithelial cells/tissues and testing of CFTR-repairing therapiesAmaral, Margarida, 1958-; Uliyakina, Inna, 1985-
2013Anoctamins: a novel family of ion channels with extended functions and significance in diseaseAmaral, Margarida, 1958-; Kunzelmann, Karl, 1958-; Afonso, Sara Cerqueira
2014ASYN and tau interaction : new drug target for neurodegenerative diseasesCalado, Patrícia Ramalhete Mendes da Silva, 1974-; Amaral, Margarida, 1958-; Ciaccioli, Gianmario
2011Calcium-activated chloride in cystic fibrosisAmaral, Margarida, 1958-; Kunzelmann, Karl, 1958-; Martins, Joana Raquel Delgado, 1984-
2013Characterization of CFTR nonsense mutations using novel CFTR minigenesRamalho, Anabela S.; Amaral, Margarida, 1958-; Amorim, João Pedro Pacheco Conde de
2007Characterization of the genetic structure of the azorean populationVieira, Luísa Mota, 1961-; Amaral, Margarida, 1958-; Castelo Branco, Cláudia, 1977-
2012Correction of the ion transport defect in Cystic Fibrosis by small moleculesAmaral, Margarida, 1958-; Kunzelmann, Karl, 1958-; Sousa, Marisa Isabel Lopes de, 1983-
2012Epithelial cells from lung: production, cultivation and characterization: usage for validation of compounds efficacy in rescuing mutant CFTRAmaral, Margarida, 1958-; Palma, Marta Augusta Moreira Fortio da, 1972-
2010Folding, processing and function of human-murine CFTR chimeras:implications for the structure of CFTRAmaral, Margarida, 1958-; Paula, Ana Carina Simões Mendes da
2007Functional characterisation of the novel WNK2 protein kinaseJordan, Peter M.; Amaral, Margarida, 1958-; Moniz, Sónia Cristina da Rocha Pereira, 1973-
2010Functional characterization of lon channels with a crucial role in cystic fibrosis : regulation of epithelial Na+chanel (ENaC) and Ca2+-activated Cl- channels (CaCCs) in epithelial cellsAmaral, Margarida, 1958-; Kunzelmann, Karl, 1958-; Almaça, Joana Collares Pereira, 1984-
2012Functional characterization of proteins interacting or modulating CFTR and ENaC traffic and activityAmaral, Margarida, 1958-; Kunzelmann, Karl, 1958-; Faria, Diana Delgado, 1984-
2011Genetic screens in C. elegans for new modulators of protein homeostasis, with relevance for conformational diseasesAmaral, Margarida, 1958-; Morimoto, Richard I., 1952-; Silva, Maria Catarina Telo Baptista Lima da, 1982-
2010Production of a genomic CFTR construct inserted into a human artificial chromosome (HAC) and characterization of its expressionAmaral, Margarida, 1958-; Braz, Carla Susana Rodrigues, 1971-
2013Regulating proteostasis by a chemical genetics approachAmaral, Margarida, 1958-; Morimoto, Richard I., 1952-; Neto, Mário João Faustino, 1982-
2008Restoration of cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator function to CF mutants by enhancing protein processing and channel activityAmaral, Margarida, 1958-; Sheppard, David N.; Schmidt, André, 1977-
2010Study of CFTR delivery and stabilization at the plasma membraneJordan, Peter; Amaral, Margarida, 1958-; Moraes, Bruno José Rother Rocha de
2008Study of CFTR mutants and their processing properties: structural implicationsAmaral, Margarida, 1958-; Pissarra, Luísa Maria da Silva, 1977-
2009Study of the nonsense-mediated decay (NMD) mechanism in the human \03B1-globin mRNALoison, Luísa Romão, 1963-; Amaral, Margarida, 1958-; Pereira, Francisco José Cabral, 1978-
2011The role of mRNA translation on nonsense-mediated decay inhibition of transcripts carrying a short open reading frameLoison, Luísa Romão, 1963-; Amaral, Margarida, 1958-; Peixeiro, Isabel Cristina Ramos, 1982-