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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Assessing the impact of environmental changes in endemic freshwater fish populations through the temporal analysis of genetic diversity patternsCoelho, Maria Manuela, 1954-; Mesquita, Natacha Pio, 1974-; Anjos, Joana Figueira Alves dos, 1989-
2008Functional aspects of hybrid genome interaction : sex determination and gene expression regulation in the Squalius alburnoides complexCoelho, Maria Manuela, 1954-; Schartl, Manfred, 1953-; Pala, Irene Alexandra de Carvalho Braz dos Santos, 1981-
2007Genetic structure and gene flow of fragmented bat populationsPalmeirim, Jorge M., 1957-; Coelho, Maria Manuela, 1954-; Salgueiro, Patrícia Isabel Rosa, 1975-
2014Homing in Lipophyrs pholis: an evolutionary perspectiveJorge, Paulo Alexandre Esteves; Coelho, Maria Manuela, 1954-; Martins, Joana Andreia Guerreiro Fernandes, 1987-
2009Inference of admixture and population size changes in structured populations with applications to conservation geneticsCoelho, Maria Manuela, 1954-; Chikhi, Lounès; Sousa, Vítor Martins Conde e, 1981-
2009Influence of ERF3A/GSPT1 gene expression on susceptibility to carcinogenesisBrito, Rui Miguel Duque de, 1969-; Coelho, Maria Manuela, 1954-; Vacas, Joana Malta, 1977-
2010Insights from gene expression patterns of heat shock proteins in thermal adaptation of iberian Cyprinids and its implications for conservationCoelho, Maria Manuela, 1954-; Inácio, Maria Ângela Ribeiro Marques, 1974-; Jesus, Tiago Filipe Salgueiro de, 1987-
2011Insights into the evolutionary relationships within the Delphininae, with focus on the genus Delphinus : a multi-locus, multi-disciplinary approachCoelho, Maria Manuela, 1954-; Möller, Luciana; Amaral, Ana Rita Gabirro da Silva Teixeira do, 1981-
2011A landscape genetics approach to a contact zone of two salamandra salamandra subspecies in southwest PortugalRodrigues, Carlos Alberto; Coelho, Maria Manuela, 1954-; Silva, Ana Catarina Afonso, 1988-
2010New data on the reprovative strategy of Squalius alburnoides complex: a histological and molecular approachCoelho, Maria Manuela, 1954-; Machado, Miguel Paulo, 1987-
2015Pharmacogenetics and nutrigenetics in crohn’s diseaseBrito, Rui Miguel Duque de, 1969-; Coelho, Maria Manuela, 1954-; Ferreira, Paula Sousa Alves, 1983-
2012Phylogeography and historical demography of Oceanodroma castro and Ocenodroma monteiroi: contrasting anonymous nuclear and mitochondrial lociCorreia, Mónica Sérvulo; Coelho, Maria Manuela, 1954-; Silva, Mauro Feliz da, 1989-
2014Study on the diversification of flat periwinkles (Littorina fabalis and L. obtusata): insights from genetics and geometric morphometricsCoelho, Maria Manuela, 1954-; Dasilva, Juan Galindo; Carvalho, João Gonçalo Monteiro, 1989-
2009The evolution of Squalius alburnoides (Teleostei: cyprinidae) populations in the northern Iberian Peninsula : a molecular genetics and morphological approach into the past and present dynamics of an hybrid complexCoelho, Maria Manuela, 1954-; Doadrio, Ignacio; Cunha, Carina João Alves da, 1975-