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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Consequences of chromosome structure polymorphism in sexual populationsFerreira, Miguel Godinho; Duarte, Júlio António Bargão, 1957-; Silva, Maria Costa Neves Ferreira da
2010Exploring the role of the Jumonji/ARID1 family of proteins during embryonic stem cell differentiation and X-chromosome inactivationHeard, Edith; Duarte, Júlio António Bargão, 1957-; Matias, Neuza Maria Reis, 1987-
2011A novel reporter of Fgf5 expression to monitor the "stemness" ground state in mouse embryonic stem cellsAbranches, Elsa; Duarte, Júlio António Bargão, 1957-; Honório, Inês Agapito, 1988-
2010Role of CenH3/CENP-A in the regulation of centromere function and chromosome segregationAzorin, Ferran; Duarte, Júlio António Bargão, 1957-; Lamy, Márcia Sofia Ribeiro, 1987-
2011Role of CTF18-RFC complex in human DNA replication programsDuarte, Júlio António Bargão, 1957-; Pasero, Philippe; Silva, Maria João Rodrigues da, 1987-
2014Screening for new Ffz fructose transporters and possible correlation with fructophily in yeastsLeandro, Maria José; Duarte, Júlio António Bargão, 1957-; Cabral, Sara Catarina Barroso, 1990-
2013The role of SMN protein in microRNA biogenesisDuarte, Júlio António Bargão, 1957-; Kye, Min Jeong; Gonçalves, Inês do Carmo Gil, 1989-
2009Topoisomerase-II mediated DNA damage: role of BRCA1 and other chromatin structure regulatorsFerreira, João António Augusto, 1958-; Duarte, Júlio António Bargão, 1957-; Alves, Inês Teles, 1985-
2011Validação funcional de quimeras LEXAdbdGIM em Saccharomyces cerevisiaeFernandes, Lisete Celestina Perpétua, 1968-; Duarte, Júlio António Bargão, 1957-; Amorim, Ana Fátima Gouveia Teixeira de, 1987-