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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Development of a cellular model of oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophyFonseca, M. Carmo, 1959-; Calado, Patrícia Ramalhete Mendes da Silva, 1974-
2007Dynamics and interactions of nuclear proteins revealed by quantitative photobleaching microscopyFonseca, M. Carmo, 1959-; Soares, Eduardo Ducla, 1944-; Rino, José, 1976-
2012Exploring RNA-targeted gene therapy approaches for hypertrophic cardiomyopathyFonseca, M. Carmo, 1959-; Freitas, Ana
2012Functional analysis of the U2AF35 family of splicing factorsFonseca, M. Carmo, 1959-; Andrade, Jorge Miguel Lopes Mendes Calheiros, 1981-
2010Functional genomics of Anopheles gambiae interactions with malaria parasitesVlachou, Dina; Kafatos, Fotis C.; Fonseca, M. Carmo, 1959-; Mendes, António M., 1980-
2009Genome wide mining of alternative splicing in metazoan model organismsFonseca, M. Carmo, 1959-; Mollet, Inês Maria de Stoop Camões Teixeira Guerra, 1966-
2009New insights into alternative splicing using microarray technologyFonseca, M. Carmo, 1959-; Tavaré, Simon; Grosso, Ana Rita Fialho, 1979-
2007Pabpn1 protein : aggregation properties in an opmd cellular model and a novel role in splicingFonseca, M. Carmo, 1959-; Tavanez, João Paulo, 1976-
2008Quality control of gene expression in the mammalian cell nucleusFonseca, M. Carmo, 1959-; Custódio, Noélia Maria Fernandes, 1971-
2007Topografia intranuclear da expressão genéticaFonseca, M. Carmo, 1959-; Levy, Célia da Conceição Vicente Carvalho Semedo, 1967-