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2008Callimachus' Sexy Athena: The Hymn to Athena and the Homeric Hymn to AphroditeHadjittofi, FotiniarticleclosedAccess
2014Centring Constantinople in Himerios’ Oratio 41Hadjittofi, FotinibookPartopenAccess
2016Cross-dressing in the Declamations of Choricius of GazaHadjittofi, FotinibookPartrestrictedAccess
2014Erotic Fiction and Christian Sexual Ethics in Nonnus’ Episode of Morrheus and ChalcomedeHadjittofi, FotinibookPartclosedAccess
2017Homer is a Dancer (Ὅμηρος ὀρχεῖται): The Poet in ChoriciusHadjittofi, FotinibookPartembargoedAccess
2016Major Themes and Motifs in the DionysiacaHadjittofi, FotinibookPartclosedAccess
Jun-2018Midas, the Golden Age trope, and Hellenistic Kingship in Ovid’s MetamorphosesHadjittofi, FotiniarticleclosedAccess
2018‘Nonnus of Panopolis: Paraphrase of the Gospel According to John’Hadjittofi, FotinibookPartclosedAccess
2011'Nonnus’ Unclassical Epic: Imaginary Geography in the Dionysiaca'Hadjittofi, FotinibookPartclosedAccess
2010Quintus of Smyrna: The PosthomericaHadjittofi, FotiniotherclosedAccess
2007Res Romanae: Cultural Politics in Quintus Smyrnaeus' Posthomerica and Nonnus' DionysiacaHadjittofi, FotinibookPartopenAccess
2008The Death of Love In Nonnus' Dionysiaca: The Rapes of Nicaea and AuraHadjittofi, FotiniarticlerestrictedAccess
2013Zeus nos Fenómenos de Arato: um deus democrata?Hadjittofi, FotinibookPartopenAccess
2018ποικιλόνωτος ἀνήρ: Clothing metaphors and Nonnus’ ambiguous Christology in the Paraphrase of the Gospel according to JohnHadjittofi, FotiniarticleclosedAccess