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Mar-2007Appia to R-Appia: Refactoring a Protocol Composition Framework for Dynamic ReconfigurationRosa, Liliana; Rodrigues, Luís; Lopes, AntóniareportopenAccess
Out-2007Building Adaptive Services for Distributed SystemsRosa, Liliana; Rodrigues, Luís; Lopes, AntóniareportopenAccess
Mar-2007Congu, Checking Java Classes Against Property-Driven Algebraic SpecificationsAbreu, João; Caldeira, Alexandre; Lopes, Antónia; Nunes, Isabel; Reis, Luís S.; Vasconcelos, Vasco T.reportopenAccess
Mar-2005Context Adaptation of the Communication StackMocito, José; Rosa, Liliana; Almeida, Nuno; Miranda, Hugo; Rodrigues, Luís; Lopes, AntóniareportopenAccess
23-Jul-2010Explicitly Involving the User in a Data Cleaning ProcessGalhardas, Helena; Lopes, Antónia; Santos, EmanuelreportopenAccess
Out-2007Extending Object-Oriented Frameworks with Aspects for Enabling Automatic Support for Domain-Specic ModelingSantos, André L.; Koskimies, Kai; Lopes, AntóniareportopenAccess
Jan-2005Extending the Relational Algebra with the Mapper OperatorCarreira, Paulo J.F.; Lopes, Antónia; Galhardas, Helena; Pereira, JoãoreportopenAccess
Set-2006On the Resilience of Intrusion-Tolerant Distributed SystemsNeves, Nuno Ferreira; Veríssimo, Paulo; Sousa, Paulo; Lopes, AntóniareportopenAccess
Jan-2007Policy-Driven Adaptation of Protocol StacksRosa, Liliana; Lopes, Antónia; Rodrigues, LuísreportopenAccess
Dez-2005Testing Implementations of Algebraic Specifications with Design-by-Contract ToolsNunes, Isabel; Lopes, Antónia; Vasconcelos, Vasco T.; Abreu, João; Reis, Luís S.reportopenAccess