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2018Apetites e Excreções em Blurt, Major Constable, or the Spaniard’s Night Walk de Thomas DekkerMendes, Ana CristinaarticleopenAccess
2009“Artworks, unlike terrorists, change nothing": Salman Rushdie and September 11Mendes, Ana CristinaarticleclosedAccess
2013Authorities of representation : speaking to and speaking for. A response to Barbara KorteMendes, Ana Cristina; Lau, LisaarticleopenAccess
2011“Beware Behalfies!": Contradictory Affiliations in Salman Rushdie’s Step Across This LineMendes, Ana CristinabookPartclosedAccess
2012"Bombay/ ‘Wombay": Refracting the Postcolonial Cityscape in The Ground Beneath Her FeetMendes, Ana CristinabookPartclosedAccess
2007Bride & Prejudice and the (Post-)national Cinema DebateMendes, Ana CristinabookPartopenAccess
2016Cinema Heritage e Celebração Crítica do Passado na Pós-modernidadeMendes, Ana CristinaarticleopenAccess
2010Cultural Warfare Redux: Salman Rushdie’s KnighthoodMendes, Ana CristinabookPartclosedAccess
Nov-2018Cumplicidades reorientalistas, reconfigurações identitárias: Salman Rushdie no mercado cultural globalMendes, Ana CristinabookPartopenAccess
2018David Bowie: Critical Perspectives (book review)Mendes, Ana CristinareviewclosedAccess
2007Do Literário ao Fílmico: A Adaptação na Perspectiva dos Estudos CulturaisMendes, Ana CristinaarticleopenAccess
2011Empire Building and ModernitySerras, Adelaide Meira, 1955-; Faria, Luísa Leal de, 1948-; Baptista, Cristina; Gomes, Carla Larouco; Malafaia, Maria Teresa; Mendes, Ana Cristina; Ramos, Iolanda; Sardica, José Miguel; Silva, Elisabete Mendes; Simões-Ferreira, IsabelbookopenAccess
2010Exciting Tales of Exotic Dark India: Aravind Adiga’s The White TigerMendes, Ana CristinaarticleclosedAccess
2017A ficção pós-modernista inglesa e a busca das verdades possíveis – uma resenha teóricaMendes, Ana CristinaarticleopenAccess
2014Forging identities in the ‘New World’: a Study of Salman Rushdie’s FuryMendes, Ana CristinabookPartclosedAccess
2016‘From Carts to Jet Engines’: The Afterlife of Tess of the d’Urbervillesin Michael Winterbottom’s TrishnaMendes, Ana CristinaarticleclosedAccess
2008Heritage Revisited: The Cultural Politics of Heritage in Goodness Gracious MeMendes, Ana CristinabookPartclosedAccess
2014India through re-Orientalist LensesMendes, Ana Cristina; Lau, LisaarticleclosedAccess
Nov-2018Indie crowdfunded narratives of commercial surrogacy, or the contested bodies of neoliberalism: Onir’s “I Am Afia” and Arpita Kumar’s SitaMendes, Ana CristinabookPartclosedAccess
2011Introducing Re-Orientalism: A New Manifestation of OrientalismLau, Lisa; Mendes, Ana CristinabookPartclosedAccess