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2016Deviant behaviour? Inequality in Portugal 1565–1770Reis, JaimearticlerestrictedAccess
2005Economic growth, human capital formation and consumption in Western EuropeReis, JaimebookPartopenAccess
2011Uma elite financeira: os corpos sociais do Banco de Portugal 1846-1914Reis, JaimebookopenAccess
Set-2016From convergence to divergence: Portuguese demography and economic growth, 1500-1850Palma, Nuno; Reis, JaimeworkingPaperopenAccess
2017Gross agricultural output: a quantitative, unified perspective, 1500-1850Reis, JaimebookPartopenAccess
2010Institutions and Economic Growth in the Periphery: The Efficiency of the Portuguese Machinery of Justice, 1870-1910Reis, JaimebookPartrestrictedAccess
2013IntroduçãoReis, JaimebookPartrestrictedAccess
2010"Popular capitalism" or plutocracy?: the proprietorship of the bank of Portugal, 1846-1914Reis, JaimebookPartrestrictedAccess
2013Portuguese living standards, 1720-1980, in European comparison: heights, income, and human capitalStolz, Yvonne; Baten, Joerg; Reis, JaimearticleopenAccess
2017Reconstruction of Regional and National Population using Intermittent Census - Type Data: The case of Portugal 1527-1864Reis, Jaime; Palma, N.; Zhang, M.workingPaperopenAccess
2010Recrutamento, carreiras e remuneração da força laboral da CUF do Barreiro, 1907-1974Lima, Francisco; Reis, Jaime; Centeno, Mário; Tavares, TiagoconferenceObjectrestrictedAccess
2010State and Financial Systems in Europe and the USA: Historical Perspectives on Regulation and Supervision in the Nineteenth and Twentieth CenturiesBattilossi, Stefano; Reis, JaimebookopenAccess
2016The chronic food deficit of early modern Portugal : curse or myth?Costa, Leonor Freire; Reis, JaimeworkingPaperopenAccess
2017The chronic food deficit of early modern Portugal: curse or myth?Costa, Leonor Freire; Reis, JaimearticleopenAccess
2014The great escape? the contribution of the empire to Portugal's economic growth, 1500-1800Costa, Leonor Freire; Palma, Nuno; Reis, JaimearticlerestrictedAccess
2013The Great Escape? The Contribution of the Empire to Portugal’s Economic Growth, 1500-1800Costa, Leonor Freire; Palma, Nuno; Reis, JaimeworkingPaperopenAccess
2011The limits of agricultural growth in a fragile eco-system. Total factor productivity in Alentejo, 1750-1850Fonseca, Helder Adegar; Reis, JaimebookPartrestrictedAccess
2011The Portuguese judicial system in the nineteenth century: rules, risks, and judgeReis, JaimebookPartrestrictedAccess