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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Angiogenic and vasculogenic phenotyping allows distinguishing lymphoma from leukemic 'stages' of chronic lymphocytic leukemiaDias, Sérgio Jerónimo Rodrigues; Rodrigues, Maria Gabriela; Teixeira, Cristiana Alexandra Ferreira Monteiro
2009Application of stem cell therapies and assessment of motor and non-motor changes in a rat parkinson modelSalgado, António,; Rodrigues, Maria Gabriela; Carvalho, Miguel Maria Vinha Murteira de
2008Cell-extrallular matrix interactions during early paraxial mesoderm developmentRodrigues, Maria Gabriela; Lopes, Catarina Teixeira
2008Desenvolvimento de culturas de células epiteliais para o estudo de patologias associadas a transportadores de membranaCruz, Helder; Rodrigues, Maria Gabriela; Palmela, Inês Maria Simões
2009Directed evolution of activation-induced cytidine deaminase (AID) in its natural environmentBarreto, Vasco; Rodrigues, Maria Gabriela; Espadinha, Daniel António Burgos
2009Extracellular matrix and integrins influence in the regulation of myogenic precursor cells behaviourRodrigues, Maria Gabriela; Vaz, Raquel Rodrigues
2009Non-viral gene delivery to human mesenchymal stem cells using cationic liposomesSilva, Cláudia Alexandra Martins Lobato da; Rodrigues, Maria Gabriela; Mendes, Rui Daniel Martins Nunes
2008Understanding how capping of actin filaments prevents epithelium to mesenchymal like transitions in genetically defined epithelial tissuesJanody, Florence; Rodrigues, Maria Gabriela; Rebelo, Sofia Raquel Paulo
2008Vesícula de küpffer:estudos funcionais de mutantes da via Delta/Notch e do gene terraLopes, Susana; Rodrigues, Maria Gabriela; Pacheco, Luís Gabriel Canelas Alves