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Dez-2007Bisimulations in SSCCFilipe, Luís Cruz; Lanese, Ivan; Martins, Francisco; Ravara, António; Vasconcelos, Vasco T.reportopenAccess
Mai-2008Compiling the $\pi$-calculus into a Multithreaded Typed Assembly LanguageCogumbreiro, Tiago; Martins, Francisco; Vasconcelos, Vasco T.reportopenAccess
Mar-2007Congu, Checking Java Classes Against Property-Driven Algebraic SpecificationsAbreu, João; Caldeira, Alexandre; Lopes, Antónia; Nunes, Isabel; Reis, Luís S.; Vasconcelos, Vasco T.reportopenAccess
Abr-2004Controlling Security Policies in a Distributed EnvironmentMartins, Francisco; Vasconcelos, Vasco T.reportopenAccess
Mar-1998Core-TyCO, The Language Definition, Version 0.1Vasconcelos, Vasco T.; Bastos, RuireportopenAccess
Jul-2001Core-TyCO: Appendix to the Language Definition, yielding Version 0.2Vasconcelos, Vasco T.reportopenAccess
Mar-2007Disciplining Orchestration and Conversation in Service-Oriented ComputingLanese, Ivan; Vasconcelos, Vasco T.; Martins, Francisco; Ravara, AntónioreportopenAccess
Jun-2006Language Primitives and Type Discipline for Structured Communication-Based Programming, Subject Reduction and Type Safety TheoremsVasconcelos, Vasco T.; Yoshida, NobukoreportopenAccess
Abr-2002A Lexically Scoped Distributed $\pi$-CalculusRavara, António; Matos, Ana; Vasconcelos, Vasco T.; Lopes, LuísreportopenAccess
Mai-2008Proceedings of the First Workshop on Programming Language Approaches to Concurrency and Communication-cEntric SoftwareVasconcelos, Vasco T.bookopenAccess
23-Out-2014Protocol-based verification of MPI programsMarques, Eduardo R. B.; Martins, Francisco; Vasconcelos, Vasco T.; Santos, César; Ng, Nicholas; Yoshida, NobukoreportOpen Access
Mai-2005Session Types for Functional MultithreadingVasconcelos, Vasco T.; Ravara, António; Gay, SimonreportopenAccess
14-Set-2009Specifying and Monitoring Java ClassesLopes, Antonia; Nunes, Isabel; Vasconcelos, Vasco T.otheropenAccess
Dez-2005Testing Implementations of Algebraic Specifications with Design-by-Contract ToolsNunes, Isabel; Lopes, Antónia; Vasconcelos, Vasco T.; Abreu, João; Reis, Luís S.reportopenAccess
Mai-2000The call-by-value $\lambda$-calculus, the SECD machine, and the $\pi$-calculusVasconcelos, Vasco T.reportopenAccess
Dez-2001TyCO + Linear channelsMartins, Francisco; Vasconcelos, Vasco T.reportopenAccess
Jul-2001TyCO GentlyVasconcelos, Vasco T.reportopenAccess
29-Out-2014Type-Based Verification of Message-Passing Parallel ProgramsVasconcelos, Vasco T.; Martins, Francisco; Marques, Eduardo R. B.; López, Hugo A.; Santos, César; Yoshida, NobukoreportOpen Access