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2014Active layer thermal regime at different vegetation covers at Lions Rump, King George Island, Maritime AntarcticaAlmeida, Ivan C. C.; Schaefer, Carlos Ernesto G.R.; Fernandes, Raphael B.A.; Pereira, Thiago T.C.; Nieuwendam, Alexandre; Pereira, Antônio BatistaarticleclosedAccess
2016Cryogenic processes and fire activity in a high Atlantic mountain area in NW Iberia (Picos de Europa) during the Mid–Late HoloceneRuiz-Fernández, Jesús; Nieuwendam, Alexandre; Oliva, Marc; Lopes, Vera; Cruces, Anabela; Freitas, Maria Conceição; Janeiro, Ana I.; López-Sáez, José AntonioarticleclosedAccess
2015Future avenues for permafrost science from the perspective of early career researchers: brief communication:Fritz, M.; Deshpande, B. N.; Bouchard, F.; Högström, E.; Malenfant-Lepage, J.; Morgenstern, A.; Nieuwendam, Alexandre; Oliva, Marc; Paquette, M.; Rudy, A. C. A.; Siewert, M. B.; Sjöberg, Y.; Weege, S.articleopenAccess
2017Ground temperature and permafrost distribution in Hurd Peninsula (Livingston Island, Maritime Antarctic): an assessment using freezing indexes and TTOP modellingFerreira, Alice; Vieira, Goncalo; Ramos, Miguel; Nieuwendam, AlexandrearticleembargoedAccess
2016Postglacial landscape changes and cryogenic processes in the Picos de Europa (Northern Spain): reconstructed from geomorphological mapping and microstructures on quartz grainsNieuwendam, Alexandre; Ruiz-Fernández, Jesús; Oliva, Marc; Lopes, Vera; Cruces, Anabela; da Conceição Freitas, MariaarticleclosedAccess
2016Spatial and temporal variability of periglaciation of the Iberian PeninsulaOliva, Marc; Serrano, E.; Gómez-Ortiz, A.; González-Amuchastegui, M.J.; Nieuwendam, Alexandre; Palacios, D.; Pérez-Alberti, A.; Pellitero-Ondicol, R.; Ruiz-Fernández, J.; Valcárcel, M.; Vieira, Goncalo; Antoniades, D.articleclosedAccess