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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2010Dengue virus infection and assembly: a biophysical study for unravelling the role of the Capsid ProteinFreire, João Miguel Calado da SilvamasterThesisrestrictedAccess
2014Era possível antecipar a intensidade da epidemia de dengue na Madeira para o ano de 2013?Rosa, Matilde Valente; Costa, Andreia Silva; Nogueira, Paulo JorgearticleopenAccess
2009Interaction of the Dengue virus fusion peptide with membranes assessed by NMR: The essential role of the envelope protein Trp101 for membrane fusionMelo, Manuel Nuno; Sousa, Francisco J. R.; Carneiro, Fabiana A.; Castanho, Miguel A. R. B.; Valente, Ana Paula; Almeida, Fabio C. L.; Da Poian, Andrea T.; Mohana-Borges, RonaldoarticlerestrictedAccess
2011Molecular level evaluation of the dengue virus capsid protein role(s) on the virus life cycleFaustino, André Filipe da CostamasterThesisclosedAccess
2013Nucleic acid delivery by cell penetrating peptides derived from dengue virus capsid protein: design and mechanism of actionFreire, João M.; Veiga, Ana Salomé; Figueiredo, Inês Rego de; Torre, Beatriz G. de la; Santos, Nuno C.; Andreu, David; Poian, Andrea T. Da; Castanho, Miguel A. R. B.articleclosedAccess
2013Peptides as models for the structure and function of viral capsid proteins: insights on dengue virus capsidFreire, João Miguel; Veiga, Ana Salomé; de la Torre, Beatriz G.; Santos, Nuno C.; Andreu, David; Da Poian, Andrea T.; Castanho, Miguel A. R. B.articleclosedAccess