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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Cyberbullying and Students Engagement in School: A Literature ReviewVeiga, Feliciano; García, Fernando; Almeida, Ana; Caldeira, Suzana; Galvão, Diana
2014Cyberbullying and Students' Engagement in School: A Literature ReviewVeiga, Feliciano; García, Fernanda; Almeida, Ana; Caldeira, Suzana Nunes; Galvão, Diana
2012Do Girls and Boys Perceive Themselves as Equally Engaged in School? The Results of an International Study from 12 CountriesLam, S.; Jimerson, S.; Kikas, E.; Cefai, C.; Veiga, Feliciano; Nelson, B.; Hatzichristou, C.; Polychroni, F.; Basnett, J.; Duck, R.; Farrel, P.; Liu, Y.; Negovan, V.; Shin, H.; Stanculescu, E.; Wong, B.; Yang, H.; Zollneritsch, J.
2012Portuguese Adaptation of Students' Engagement in Schools International Scale (SESIS)Veiga, Feliciano; Bahia, Sara; Nogueira, João; Melo, Madalena; Caldeira, Suzana; Festas, Maria Isabel; Taveira, Maria do Céu; Galvão, Diana; Janeiro, Isabel; Conboy, Jay; Carvalho, Carolina; Almeida, Ana; Pereira, Tiago
2014Student’s Engagement in School: Conceptualization and relations with Personal Variables and Academic PerformanceVeiga, Feliciano; Burden, R.; Appleton, J.; Taveira, M. C.; Galvao, D.
2014Understanding and Measuring Student Engagement in School: The Results of an International Study From 12 CountriesLam, S-F.; Jimerson, S.; Wong, B.; Kikas, E.; Shin, H.; Veiga, Feliciano; Hatzichristou, C.; Polychroni, F.; Cefai, C.; Negovan, V.; Stanculescu, E.; Yang, H.; Liu, Y.; Basnett, J.; Duck, R.; Farrell, P.; Nelson, B.; Zollneritsch, J.