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2014Introduction. Globalization, Sports Labor Migration and Women's MobilitiesAgergaard, Sine; Tiesler, Nina Clara, 1968-bookPartrestrictedAccess
2015Introduction: Anthropologie et matérialités de la raceRoque, RicardocontributionToPeriodicalrestrictedAccess
2014Introduction: approaching food and foodways between the country and the city through the work of Raymond WilliamsDomingos, Nuno; Sobral, José Manuel; West, Harry G.bookPartrestrictedAccess
2013Introduction: Ellul returnsJerónimo, Helena Mateus; Garcia, José Luís; Mitcham, CarlbookPartrestrictedAccess
2016Introduction: Ethnography and the Mutualizing UtopiaMaskens, Maïté; Blanes, Ruy LleraarticleopenAccess
2017Introduction: exploring cohabitations in Timor-LesteViegas, Susana Matos; Feijó, Rui GraçabookPartrestrictedAccess
2017Introduction: Évaluation(s) et apprentissage(s): des rapports d'interdépendanceCavaco, Carmen; Dierendonck, ChristophearticleopenAccess
2018Introduction: human, all too human: the poetry of Camilo PessanhaBuescu, Helena CarvalhãobookPartopenAccess
2018Introduction: Mimetic Governmentality, Colonialism, and the StateRoque, Ricardo; Ladwig, PatriceotherrestrictedAccess
2018Introduction: New Directions, New ApproachesMendes, Ana Cristina; Newns, Lucinda; Ilott, SarahbookPartclosedAccess
2013Introduction: On the Agency of IntangiblesBlanes, Ruy Llera; Espírito Santo, DianabookPartrestrictedAccess
Jan-2018Introduction: populist discourses and political communication in Southern EuropeSalgado, Susana; Stavrakakis, YannisarticlerestrictedAccess
2019Introduction: Recovering/rethinking (post-)Yugoslav lesbian activismsBilić, BojanbookPartrestrictedAccess
2016Introduction: Repression and Cooptation in Mass DictatorshipPinto, António CostabookPartopenAccess
2013Introduction: Sites and Politics of Religious Diversity in Southern EuropeMapril, José; Blanes, Ruy LlerabookPartrestrictedAccess
2013Introduction: The International and the Portuguese Imperial Endgame: Problems and PerspectivesJerónimo, Miguel Bandeira; Pinto, António CostaarticlerestrictedAccess
2017Introduction: The Politics of Everyday Life in the West Bank SettlementsAllegra, Marco; Handel, Ariel; Maggor, ErezbookPartrestrictedAccess
2018Introduction: Transnational cinema at the borders: borderscapes and the cinematic imaginaryMendes, Ana Cristina; Sundholm, JohnbookPartclosedAccess
2017Introduction: Victorians Like Us – Domesticity and WorldlinessMendes, Ana Cristina; Ramos, IolandaarticleopenAccess
2009Introductory noteFernandes, Isabel, 1953articleopenAccess