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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Characterization of Inaccessibility in Wireless Networks - A Case Study on IEEE 802.15.4 Standard Analysis, Architectures and Modelling of Embedded SystemsJeferson L. R. Souza; José Rufino
22-Jul-2015Characterization of metal bound to thiol endogenous ligands in the liver of rats exposed to methylmercury and co-exposed to selenomethionineCarvalho, C. M. L.; Pedrero, Z.; Santos, A. P. M.; Mateus, M. L.; Madrid, Y.; Camara, C.; Batoreu, M. C. C.
22-Jul-2015Characterization of Mycobacterium bovis PhagosomeJordao, L.; Simoes, M.; Bleck, C.; Griffiths, G.; Anes, E.
17-Jan-2013Characterization of Network Inaccessibility in IEEE 802.15.4 Wireless NetworksRufino, José; Souza, Jeferson Luiz Rodrigues
2015Characterization of particulate emissions from biomass power plantsLopes, Helena A.; Crujeira, Ana Teresa; Silva, João Luís Siopa da
2014Characterization of peripheral blood B cell subpopulations in Rheumatoid ArthritisTelhada, Maria Margarida Blasques, 1951-; Moura, Rita Alexandra Pedra Aguiar de, 1981-; Quaresma, Cláudia Cristina Valente, 1986-
22-Jul-2015Characterization of plasma acylcarnitines in patients under valproate monotherapy using ESI-MS/MSSilva, MFB; Selhorst, J; Overmars, H; van Gennip, AH; Maya, M; Wanders, RJA; de Almeida, IT; Duran, M
2010Characterization of post-trancriptional control mechanisms regulating SMN2 gene expressionCarvalho, Margarida Henriques da Gama, 1972-; Telhada, Maria Margarida Blasques, 1951-; Gomes, Ana Luísa Rodrigues, 1987-
22-Jul-2015Characterization of primaquine imidazolidin-4-ones with antimalarial activity by electrospray ionization-ion trap mass spectrometryVale, Nuno; Moreira, Rui; Gomes, Paula
2012Characterization of strain A19 belonging to the species Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis (Bti) isolated from soil of a protected wetland reserve in SwitzerlandTonolla, Mauro; Carolino, M. Manuela, 1954-; Cabral, Inês Amendoeira, 1988-
2014Characterization of streptococcus pyogenes associated with tonsillo-pharyngitis in Portugal with particular emphasis on macrolide resistanceCristino, José Augusto Gamito Melo, 1957-; Ramirez, Mário, 1970-; Costa, Ana Catarina da Silva e, 1976-
2013Characterization of the dynamics of the atmosphere of Venus with doppler velocimetryLuz, David Manuel Guerreiro Carmo da, 1972-; Widemann, Thomas; Machado, Pedro Miguel Borges do Canto Mota, 1967-
2007Characterization of the genetic structure of the azorean populationVieira, Luísa Mota, 1961-; Amaral, Margarida, 1958-; Castelo Branco, Cláudia, 1977-
2014Characterization of the Medical Subject Headings thesaurus for pharmacy.Minguet, Fernando; van den Boogerd, Lucienne; Salgado, Teresa M.; Correr, Cassyano J.; Fernandez-Llimos, Fernando
2003A Characterization of the Portuguese WebDaniel Gomes; Mário J. Silva
2011Characterization of the subtilisin-like protease 3 in malaria parasitesSinnis, Photini; Zilhão, Rita, 1959-; Almeida, Mariana Justino Lage de
2014Characterization of the toxic potential of nanomaterials using in vitro cell modelsRebelo, Maria Teresa Ferreira Ramos Nabais de Oliveira, 1964-; Silva, Maria João; Pinhão, Mariana Salvado, 1990-
22-Jul-2015Characterization strategies for the functional assessment of the cutaneous lesionRodrigues, Luis Monteiro; Roberto, Maria Angelica
2005Characterizing a National Community WebDaniel Gomes; Mário J. Silva
2010Charles Lindholm e José Pedro Zúquete, The Struggle for the World [Review]Marchi, Riccardo