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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Jul-2015A comparative study of naproxen - Beta cyclodextrin complexes prepared by conventional methods and using Supercritical carbon dioxideJunco, S; Casimiro, T; Ribeiro, N; Da Ponte, MN; Marques, HC
22-Jul-2015Comparative study of the cytotoxic effect of microcistin-LR and purified extracts from Microcystis aeruginosa on a kidney cell lineDias, Elsa; Andrade, Mariana; Alverca, Elsa; Pereira, Paulo; Batoreu, M. C. C.; Jordan, Peter; Silva, Maria Joao
2009Comparative study of the cytotoxic effects of Microcystin-LR in mammalian cell linesAmorim,Ana; Alverca, Elsa; Menezes, Carina Alexandra Gomes
2011A comparative study of the thermal tolerance of tadpoles of iberian anuransAmaral, José Pedro Sousa; Rebelo, Rui Miguel Borges Sampaio e, 1969-; Duarte, Helder Santos, 1984
15-Jul-2013Comparing and Deciding: a historical note on education policyMagalhães, Justino
2009Comparing Colonial Education Discourses in the French and Portuguese African Empires: An Essay in HybridizationMadeira, Ana Isabel
2011Comparing deputies' and voters' support for Europe: The case of PortugalMoury, Catherine; Sousa, Luís de, 1973-
2009Comparing Gestures and Traditional Interaction Modalities on Large DisplaysAntónio Neto; Carlos Duarte
2008Comparing Usage Performance on Mobile ApplicationsLuís Carriço; Luís Duarte; António Broega; Diogo Reis
22-Jul-2015Comparision of analytical methods for the characterization of urinary porphyrins in rats exposed to methylmercuryMateus, M. L.; Ferreira, R. I. L.; Carvalho, C. M. L.; Santos, A. P. M.; Batoreu, M. C. C.
2013A comparison between the legal frameworks and environmental impact assessments of different projects developed in the marine environment: sunken ships, hydrocarbons prospecting and wave energyCabral, Henrique N., 1969-; Grilo, Catarina Bentes Silva, 1979-; Guerra, Flávia Catarina Dias, 1990-
22-Jul-2015Comparison of Analytical Methods for the Characterization of Urinary Porphyrins in Rats Exposed to MethylmercuryMateus, ML; Ferreira, RIL; Carvalho, CML; Santos, APM; Batoréu, MCC
2013Comparison of brain and cranial nerve morphology between eyed surface fish and blind cave fish of species Astyanax mexicanusYamamoto, Yoshiyuki; Magalhães, Sara; Rodrigues, Fábio Ribeiro, 1990
22-Jul-2015Comparison of CD4-independent infection by HIV-1, HIV-2 and SIV strains, and relevance of receptors other than CCR5 and CXCR4 for infection of primary cell typesReeves, J; Simmons, G; Dejucq, N; Hibbitts,S; McKnight, A; Azevedo-Pereira, JM; Moniz-Pereira, J; Clapham, P
2014A comparison of genomic and viral expressed sequences of a virus gene manipulation TLR responsesCorreia, Sílvia Maurício; Caeiro, Filomena, 1950-; Martins, Maria Solange Gonçalves Barbas Baptista, 1991-
30-Dec-2010Comparison of ibuprofen release from minitablets and capsules containing ibuprofen: β-Cyclodextrin complexSalústio, Paulo; Marques, Helena Cabral; Costa, Paulo; Pinto, João
Aug-2008Comparison of Mixture and Classification Maximum Likelihood Approaches in Poisson Regression ModelsFaria, Susana; Soromenho, Gilda
22-Jul-2015Comparison of respirable fraction from 3 different DPI devicesCermeño, MS; Cabral Marques, HM
2008Comparison of rocky reef fish communities among protected, unprotected and artificial habitats in Madeira island coastal waters using underwater visual techniquesAlmeida, Armando J., 1951-; Sedberry, George R., 1950-; Ribeiro, Cláudia Correia da Silva, 1974-
2001Comparison of the frequency of interleukin (IL)-2-, interferon-γ-, and IL-4-producing T cells in 2 diseases, human immunodeficiency virus types 1 and 2, with distinct clinical outcomesSousa, Ana E.; Chaves, Ana F.; Loureiro, Ana; Victorino, Rui M. M.