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2007An Algorithm for Dissemination and Retrieval of Information in Wireless Ad Hoc NetworksHugo Miranda; Simone Leggio; Luís Rodrigues; Kimmo RaatikainenarticleopenAccess
2006An Algorithm for Distributing and Retrieving Information in Sensor NetworksMiranda H.; S. Leggio; L. Rodrigues; K. RaatikainenarticleopenAccess
Mar-2007An alliance of convenienceFernandes, Moisés SilvaarticleopenAccess
2008An approach to the clustering of correlated dataMesquita, Marco Filipe da SilvamasterThesisopenAccess
2004An Architectural Framework and a Middleware for Cooperating Smart ComponentsAntónio Casimiro; J. Kaiser; Paulo VeríssimoarticleopenAccess
2003An architecture to support interaction via Generic EventsPaulo Veríssimo; Jorg Kaiser; António CasimiroarticleopenAccess
2014An assessment scale for trainee engagement in the Portuguese navyFrade, Ana; Veiga, FelicianoconferenceObjectopenAccess
2012An assessmet of the potentiality of whale-watching in two marine protected areas and adjacent waters, in Portugal, as a tool for nature conservationGonçalves, Inês Taveira, 1988-masterThesisopenAccess
2008An Attentive Groupware Device to Mitigate Information Overload. Interactive Systems: Design, Specification, and VerificationAntónio Ferreira; Pedro AntunesarticleopenAccess
2015An automated system to search, track, classify and report sensitive information exposed on an intranetDuarte, Tiago Filipe EleutériomasterThesisopenAccess
2010An easy and stereoselective rearrangement of an abietane diterpenoid into a bioactive microstegiol derivativeSimões, Maria de Fátima; Rijo, Patrícia; Duarte, Aida; Matias, Diogo; Rodríguez, BenjamínarticlerestrictedAccess
2016An Economic History of Portugal, 1143-2010Costa, Leonor Freire; Lains, Pedro; Miranda, Susana MünchbookopenAccess
2009An Efficient Byzantine-Resilient Tuple SpaceAlysson N..Bessani; Miguel Correia; J.S.Fraga; L.C.LungarticleopenAccess
2009An Emergency Response Model toward Situational Awareness ImprovementCláudio Sapateiro; Pedro AntunesarticleopenAccess
Jun-2011An enantioselective approach to oxindole alkaloidsAmat, Mercedes; Florindo, Pedro; Pérez, Maria; Ramos, Carlos M.; Santos, Maria M. M.; Bosch, JoanconferenceObjectrestrictedAccess
2009An Evaluation Framework for Mobile User InterfacesMarco de Sá; Luís CarriçoarticleopenAccess
2016An Ever-Shadowed Past? Citizens’ Attitudes towards the Dictatorship in Twenty-First Century PortugalSantana-Pereira, José; Raimundo, Filipa; Pinto, António CostaarticleembargoedAccess
2015An exploratory study of uses of ‘urban security’ and ‘urban safety’ in international urban studies literatureTulumello, Simone; Falanga, RobertoarticleopenAccess
2007An extract from the medicinal plant Phyllanthus acidus and its isolated compounds induce airway chloride secretion: A potential treatment for cystic fibrosisM. Sousa; J. Ousingsawat; R. Seitz; S. Puntheeranurak; A. Regalado; A. Schmidt; Tiago Grego; C. Jansakul; M. D. Amaral; R. Schreiber; K. KunzelmannarticleopenAccess
2009An IMA Development EnvironmentTobias Schoofs; Sérgio Santos; Cássia Tatibana; José Anjos; José Rufino; James WindsorarticleopenAccess