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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2008Anti-intellectualism and Teacher Education in the 21st century. Is there any way out?Nóvoa, António, 1954-preprintopenAccess
1996Autobiografia inédita de António Sérgio. Escrita aos 32 anos no Livre d'Or do instituto Jean-Jacques Rousseau (Genève)Nóvoa, António, 1954-; Hameline, DanielpreprintopenAccess
2002Belowground traits of mediterranean woody plants in a portuguese shrublandSilva, Joaquim S.; Rego, Francisco C.; Martins-Loução, Maria A.preprintrestrictedAccess
2003Comparative Research in Education: a mode of governance or a historical journey?Nóvoa, António, 1954-preprintopenAccess
2009Educação 2021: para uma história do futuroNóvoa, António, 1954-preprintopenAccess
2012Envisioning innovative groundwater regulation policies through scenario workshops in France and PortugalRinaudo, Jean-Daniel; Montginoul, M; Varanda, Marta Pedro; Bento, SpreprintopenAccess
2010Habitat disturbance determines the strength of isolating barriers in autumnal hybridizing species of NarcissusMarques, Isabel; Aguilar, Javier Fuertes Aguilar; Martins-Loução, Maria Amélia; Feliner, Gonzalo NietopreprintrestrictedAccess
2011How does an Al-hyperaccumulator plant respond to a natural field gradient of soil phytoavailable Al?Serrano, H.C.; Pinto, M.J.; Martins-Loução, M. A.; Branquinho, C.preprintrestrictedAccess
Nov-1996O IIE e a investigação educacionalNóvoa, António, 1954-preprintopenAccess
1996L'image à l'infini : La lente accommodation de la profession enseignante à une identité féminineNóvoa, António, 1954-preprintopenAccess
1997La nouvelle histoire américaine de l'éducationNóvoa, António, 1954-preprintopenAccess
2005La pédagogie, les enseignants et la recherche : réflexions en chantierNóvoa, António, 1954-preprintopenAccess
1994Les enseignants: à la recherche de leur professionNóvoa, António, 1954-preprintopenAccess
1998O lugar dos professores: terceiro excluído?Nóvoa, António, 1954-preprintopenAccess
1995Modèles d'analyse en éducation comparéeNóvoa, António, 1954-preprintopenAccess
1995Modèles d'analyse en Éducation Comparée: Le Champ et la CarteNóvoa, António, 1954-preprintopenAccess
2010Molecular, chromosomal, reproductive and niche modeling 1 evidence unravel the origin of orphan hybrid populations in NarcissusMarques, Isabel; Feliner, Gonzalo Nieto; Draper, David; Martins-Loução, Amélia; Aguilar, Javier FuertespreprintrestrictedAccess
2011A multiplicação: Construir oportunidades para a sua aprendizagemMendes, Fátima; Brocardo, Joana; Oliveira, HéliapreprintopenAccess
11-May-2011Non-Declarative Sentences and Communication in Husserl’s Logical Investigations: contributions to a theory on communicative acts in the light of Husserl and AustinAlves, Pedro M. S.,preprintopenAccess
1999A 'nova' centralidade dos professores: do excesso dos discursos à pobreza das práticasNóvoa, António, 1954-preprintopenAccess