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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2008Bilirubin injury to neuronsBrito, Maria A.; Lima, Silvia; Fernandes, Adelaide; Falcao, Ana S.; Silva, Rui F. M.; Butterfield, D. Allan; Brites, DoraarticlerestrictedAccess
2006Bilirubin toxicity to human erythrocytesBrito, Maria Alexandra; Silva, Rui F. M.; Brites, DoraarticlerestrictedAccess
2001Bilirubin-induced apoptosis in cultured rat neural cells is aggravated by chenodeoxycholic acid but prevented by ursodeoxycholic acidsSilva, RFM; Rodrigues, CMP; Brites, DarticlerestrictedAccess
2009BILIRUBIN-INDUCED CHANGES AT NEURONAL CYTOSKELETAL DYNAMICSFernandes, A.; Coutinho, E.; Lanier, L. M.; Brites, D.articlerestrictedAccess
2006Bilirubin-induced immunostimulant effects and toxicity vary with neural cell type and maturation stateFalcao, AS; Fernandes, A; Brito, MA; Silva, RFM; Brites, DarticlerestrictedAccess
2005Bilirubin-induced inflammatory response, glutamate release, and cell death in rat cortical astrocytes are enhanced in younger cellsFalcao, AS; Fernandes, A; Brito, MA; Silva, RFM; Brites, DarticlerestrictedAccess
2004Bilirubin-induced release of cytokines and glutamate depends from neural cell type and decreases with differentiationFalcao, AS; Fernandes, A; Brito, MA; Silva, RF; Brites, DarticlerestrictedAccess
2003Bilirubin-induced senescence is exacerbated in human neonatal red blood cellsBrito, MA; Silva, RF; Matos, D; Brites, DarticlerestrictedAccess
2002Bilirubin-induced TNF-alpha release and apoptosis in astrocytes is enhanced by endotoxin, even at clinically relevant concentrations.Silva, RF; Brito, MA; Fernandes, A; Correia, LE; Brites, DarticlerestrictedAccess
2007Binding properties and molecular mechanics calculations of p-tert-butylhexahomotrioxacalix[3]arene tri(diethyl)amide with alkali, alkaline earth, transition and heavy metal cationsMarcos, Paula M.; Ascenso, Jose R.; Cragg, Peter J.articlerestrictedAccess
2006Binding properties of p-tert-butyldihomooxacalix[4]arene tetra(2-pyridylmethoxy) derivative towards alkali, alkaline earth, transition and heavy metal cationsMarcos, Paula M.; Mellah, Besma; Ascenso, Jose R.; Michel, Sylvia; Hubscher-Bruder, Veronique; Arnaud-Neu, FrancoisearticlerestrictedAccess
2006Binding studies of bile acids using the native fluorescence of the tryptophan residue of bax proteinZhang, Wei; Steer, Clifford J.; Douglas, Kenneth T.; Rodrigues, Cecilia M. P.articlerestrictedAccess
2004Bioactive diterpenoids, a new jatrophane and two ent-abietanes, and other constituents from Euphorbia pubescensValente, C; Pedro, M; Duarte, A; Nascimento, MSJ; Abreu, PM; Ferreira, MJUarticlerestrictedAccess
2009Bioactivity studies and chemical profile of the antidiabetic plant Genista teneraRauter, Amelia P.; Martins, Alice; Lopes, Rui; Ferreira, Joana; Serralheiro, Luisa M.; Araujo, Maria-Eduarda; Borges, Carlos; Justino, Jorge; Silva, Filipa V.; Goulart, Margarida; Thomas-Oates, Jane; Rodrigues, Joao A.; Edwards, Emma; Noronha, Joao P.; PiarticlerestrictedAccess
2009Biocapital et nouvelle économie politique de la vieGarcia, José LuísarticleopenAccess
2005Biochemical characterization of chimerical mutant forms of human phenylalanine hydroxylaseNascimento, C; Coelho, C; Leandro, J; de Almeida, IT; Leandro, ParticlerestrictedAccess
2002Biochemical, biophysical and haemorheological effects of dimethylsulphoxide on human erythrocyte calcium loadingSantos, Nuno C.; Figueira-Coelho, J.; Saldanha, Carlota; Martins-Silva, JoãoarticleclosedAccess
2005Biocompatibily of acrylic bone cementBettencourt, A; Calado, A; Alfaia, AJI; Montemor, MF; Ferreira, MGS; Vale, FM; Monteiro, J; Castro, MarticlerestrictedAccess
2010Biodegradation of acrylic based resins: A reviewBettencourt, A.; Neves, C. B.; Almeida, M. S. de; Pinheiro, L. M.; Oliveira, S. A.; Lopes, L. P.; Castro, M. F.articlerestrictedAccess
2006Biodiversity studies on Portuguese Thymbra capitata L.Rodrigues, L; Monteiro, P; Póvoa, O; Teixeira, G; Vasconcelos, T; Moldão, M; Monteiro, AarticlerestrictedAccess