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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2009Bridging the Gap between Algebraic Specification and Generic ProgrammingI.Nunes; Antónia Lopes; Vasco VasconcelosarticleopenAccess
29-Jan-2016Bridging volunteering and the labour market: a proposal of a soft skills matrixRego, Raquel; Zózimo, Joana; Correia, Maria João; Ross, AnaarticlerestrictedAccess
2009Bringing Republican Ideas Back Home: The Dewey-Laski ConnectionSilva, Filipe Carreira daarticleopenAccess
2016Bringing the Past Back in: How Attitudes towards the Democratic Transition Influence the Portuguese VoterLobo, Marina CostaarticlerestrictedAccess
2013British Literature in Portuguese Literary Education during the Estado NovoGombár, ZsófiaarticleopenAccess
2015Broad-spectrum antivirals against viral fusionVigant, Frederic; Santos, Nuno C.; Lee, BenhurarticleclosedAccess
2007Browsing a Structured Multimedia RepositoryRui Lopes; Luís CarriçoarticleopenAccess
2000Building a Digital Library of Web NewsNuno Maria; Mário J. SilvaarticleopenAccess
2007Building Adaptive Systems with Service Composition FrameworksLiliana Rosa; Luís Rodrigues; Antónia LopesarticleopenAccess
2009Building an Automaton Towards Reverse Protocol EngineeringJoão Antunes; Nuno Ferreira NevesarticleopenAccess
2013Building institutional capacity: from pervasive individualism to sustained coordination in small firm sectorsEvans, Ana MariaarticlerestrictedAccess
2006Building reusable XML pipelines with APPLopes R.; L. CarriçoarticleopenAccess
2000Bulk cytokine production versus frequency of cytokine-producing cells in HIV1 infection before and during HAARTSousa, Ana E.; Chaves, Ana F.; Doroana, Manuela; Antunes, Francisco; Victorino, Rui M. M.articleclosedAccess
2011Bullying and school disruption assessment: studies with Portuguese adolescent studentsVeiga, FelicianoarticleopenAccess
2012'But in movies they speak different' - Meeting Young Learner's ExpectationsGraça, Isabel SantosarticleopenAccess
2009Byron e os "cinco artistas em Sintra"Duarte, Eduardo, 1966-articleopenAccess
2009Byron, Lamartine e Alcipe num soneto português (1844)Flor, João Almeida, 1943articleopenAccess
2008Byzantine Consensus with Unknown ParticipantsEduardo Adilio Pelinson Alchieri; Alysson Neves Bessani; Joni da Silva Fraga; Fabíola GrevearticleopenAccess
2004Byzantine-Resistance Consensus based on a Novel Approach to Intrusion ToleranceMiguel Correia; Nuno Ferreira Neves; Lau Lung; Paulo VeríssimoarticleopenAccess
2011C allocation to the fungus is not a cost to the plant in ectomycorrhizaeCorrêa, A.; Gurevitch, J.; Martins-Loução, M. A.; Cruz, C.articlerestrictedAccess