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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Jul-2015H-pylori Induces Genomic DNA Methylation in Human Gastric Cell LinesJacinto, O.; Matos, A. P. Alves; Vale, F. F.; Vitor, J. M. B.
22-Jul-2015H. pylori clusters of isolates from gastric cancer biopsiesVale, F. F.; Encarnacao, P. M.; Vitor, J. M. B.
2014O habitat do Neolítico antigo do Casal da Cerca (Palmela)Silva, Carlos Tavares; Soares, Joaquina
2005Hand-held Psychotherapy ArtefactsLuís Carriço; Marco Sá
2002Handheld CSCW in the Meeting EnvironmentC. Costa; P. Antunes; J. Haake; J. Pino
2006Handheld Devices for cooperative Educational ActivitiesSá M.; L. Carriço
2008Handling Implicit Geographic Evidence for Geographic IRNuno Cardoso; Mário J. Silva; Diana Santos
2006Handling Locations in Search Engine QueriesMartins B.; M. J. Silva; S. Freitas; A. P. Afonso
2009Handling self-citations using Google ScholarCouto, Francisco M; Grego, Tiago; Pesquita, Catia; Verissimo, Paulo
2011Happy at home and going international: Young Portuguese MuslimsTiesler, Nina Clara, 1968-
2010Happy birthday, Mr. Poe!Lima, Maria Antónia
2014A harder edge: reframing Brazil's power relation with AfricaSeabra, Pedro, 1986-
2006HAREM: An Advanced NER Evaluation Contest for PortugueseSantos D.; N. Seco; N. Cardoso; R. Vilela
20-Nov-2011Harmonization of Regulatory Approaches for Evaluating Therapeutic Equivalence and Interchangeability of Multisource Drug Products: Workshop Summary ReportChen, Mei-Ling; Shah, Vinod P.; Crommelin, Daan J.; Shargel, Leon; Bashaw, Dennis; Bhatti, Masood; Blume, Henning; Dressman, Jennifer; Ducharme, Murray; Fackler, Paul; Hyslop, Terry; Lutter, Lorelei; Morais, José A. G.; Ormsby, Eric; Thomas, Saji; Tsang, Yu Chung; Velagapudi, Raja; Yu, Lawrence X.
2010Há aranhas no :Estúdio?Queiroz, João Paulo, 1966-
2015Há estúdios na semiosfera : editorialQueiroz, João Paulo, 1966-
2010Há reflexos no :Estúdio?Queiroz, João Paulo, 1966-
2015Há um equívoco de obscenidade na obra sexualmente explicita de Clara Menéres, 1968-72Herberto, Luís, 1966-
2009"He said Ireland has more than one story": multiple belongings in perspectiveCasal, Maria Teresa Correia,1964-
2015Health-related knowledge of primary prevention of cancer in PortugalCosta, Ana Rute; Silva, Susana; Moura-Ferreira, Pedro; Villaverde-Cabral, Manuel; Santos, Osvaldo; Carmo, Isabel do; Barros, Henrique; Lunet, Nuno