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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Jul-2015WaterCandeias, Nuno R.; Veiros, Luis F.; Afonso, Carlos A. M.; Gois, Pedro M. P.
22-Jul-2015Water channels are important for osmotic adjustments of yeast cells at low temperatureSoveral, G; Veiga, A; Loureiro-Dias, MC; An, TH; Van Dijck, P; Moura, TF
1992Water relations of cork-oak (Quercus suber L.) under natural conditionsOliveira, G.; Correia, O. A; Martins-Loução, M. A.; Catarino, F. M.
22-Jul-2015Water transport in intact yeast cells as assessed by fluorescence self-quenchingSoveral, Graca; Madeira, Ana; Loureiro-Dias, Maria C.; Moura, Teresa F.
2005We need more than self-reports... Contributo para a reflexão sobre as estratégias de avaliação do bem-estarNovo, Rosa
2013“We need to write with love”: Welty’s Political View during the Civil Rights YearsAlmeida, Diana V.
2001Web Access Mining from an On-line Newspaper LogsPaulo Batista; Mário J. Silva
2003Web Information Retrieval with Result Set ClusteringBruno Martins; Mário J. Silva
2004Webstore: A Manager for Incremental Storage of ContentsDaniel Gomes; André Santos; Mário J. Silva
2014Welfare State Changes and Outcomes: the Cases of Portugal and Denmark from a Comparative PerspectiveAlves, Sónia, 1973-
2009WEST: Wormhole-Enhanced State TransferRogério Correia; Paulo Sousa
2005What can adenosine neuromodulation do for neuroprotection?Ribeiro, J. A.
2008What can light scattering spectroscopy do for membrane-active peptide studies?Domingues, Marco M.; Santiago, Patrícia S.; Castanho, Miguel A. R. B.; Santos, Nuno C.
2015What Determines Foreign Policy in Latin America? Systemic versus Domestic Factors in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico, 1946-2008Neto, Octávio Amorim; Malamud, Andrés, 1967-
2012What is Existence?Branquinho, João
2009What is happening to epistemology? : IntroductionToren, Christina; Cabral, João de Pina, 1954-
2013What is ‘pharmaceutical care’ in 2013?van Mil, J. W. Foppe; Fernandez-Llimos, Fernando
2006What kinds of geographical information are there in the Portuguese Web?Chaves M.; D. Santos
2014What Roles for Scientific Associations in Contemporary Science?Delicado, Ana, 1973-; Rego, Raquel; Conceição, Cristina Palma; Pereira, Inês; Junqueira, Luís
2007When 3f+1 is not Enough: Tradeoffs for Decentralized Asynchronous Byzantine ConsensusAlysson Neves Bessani; Miguel Correia; Henrique Moniz; Nuno F. Neves; Paulo Veríssimo