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2013Rau, Virgínia [Lisbonne 1907 - id. 1973]: historienne portugaiseCova, AnneotherrestrictedAccess
2014Reis, Francisco Coelho do Amaral (1873-1938)Freire, DulceotherrestrictedAccess
2014Relações com a ItáliaReis, Bruno CardosootheropenAccess
2014Relações com a Santa SéReis, Bruno CardosootheropenAccess
Abr-2014Renaud BARBARAS, "Merleau-Ponty et la Nature"Schmidt, Gleisson R.otheropenAccess
2014Sistema Político da I RepúblicaMatos, Luís Salgado deotherrestrictedAccess
14-Set-2009Specifying and Monitoring Java ClassesLopes, Antonia; Nunes, Isabel; Vasconcelos, Vasco T.otheropenAccess
2015Spengler, OswaldGarcia, José LuísotherrestrictedAccess
2014A Strange Kind of Feeling: Conflict and Alliance in Literature on Screen - Interview with Lídia JorgeJorge, Lídia; Ramos, Suzana; Silva, Edgardo MedeirosotheropenAccess
2015A sustentabilidade e a crise: da retórica à prolaçãoGuerra, JoãootheropenAccess
2016The Long Way to a Safer Memphis: Local Policies for Crime Prevention Need Structural ChangeTulumello, SimoneotheropenAccess
2010The meaning of left-right in Latin America: a comparative viewWiesehomeier, NinaotheropenAccess
2016The Presence of the Past: Perceptions of Authoritarianism and Democratic Transition in Contemporary Portugal. [Special Issue]Lobo, Marina Costa; Pinto, António CostaotheropenAccess
2014The Times they are A-Changin: An Approach to Contemporary FilmmakingGrilo, João Mário; Sol, Hermínia; Azevedo, Rui VitorinootheropenAccess
2014The truth of the cinematograph: the metamorphic architecture between literature and cinemaGuerreiro, Fernando; Ramos, Suzana; Vieira, Ana FilipaotheropenAccess
2015TheodicyGarcia, José LuísotherrestrictedAccess
2014Three Types of Transnational Players: differing women’s football mobility projects in core and developing countriesTiesler, Nina Clara, 1968-otheropenAccess
2007TIC e Inovação Curricular. Nota de ApresentaçãoCosta, Fernando Albuquerque; Peralta, HelenaotheropenAccess
2011Toko, Simão Gonçalves (1918-1984)Blanes, Ruy LleraotherrestrictedAccess
2015Trends, Implications and Policy Support MechanismsBina, Olivia; Balula, Luís; Ricci, Andrea; Ma, Zhong; Hart, CraigotheropenAccess