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2017Personality Goes a Long WayLobo, Marina CostaarticleopenAccess
2017The silent impact of hearing loss: using longitudinal data to explore the effects on depression and social activity restriction among older peopleAndrade, Cláudia Campos; Pereira, Cícero Roberto; Silva, Pedro AlcântaraarticleopenAccess
2017Imperial Perceptions and Circulation in the Portuguese Atlantic World (1620s-1660s)Cruz, Miguel Dantas daarticlerestrictedAccess
2017A meta 10 do Plano Nacional da Educação: Do plano aos possíveis problemasVirgílio, JeffersonarticleopenAccess
2017Foreign Policy Retreat: Domestic and Systemic Causes of Brazil’s International RollbackMalamud, AndrésarticleopenAccess
2017Marketing in the material construction of artifacts: A case study of a Portuguese navigation systems companyMendonça, Pedro Xavier; Garcia, José Luís; Fernández-Esquinas, ManuelarticlerestrictedAccess
2017The european political science agenda: a multilevel analysis from a country perspectiveCamerlo, Marcelo; Doyle, David; Diez, Fátima garcía; Marsteintredet, LeivarticlerestrictedAccess
2017Portuguese political science in portugal and abroad: publications in major journals (1999–2014)Camerlo, Marcelo; Terra, DéboraarticlerestrictedAccess
2017Displayed Wounds, Encrypted Messages: Hyper-Realism and Imagination in Medical MoulagesBastos, CristianaarticlerestrictedAccess
17-Jul-2017Intra-party democracy from members’ viewpoint: the case of left-wing parties in PortugalSanches, Edalina Rodriques; Razzuoli, Isabella; Lisi, Marco; Espírito Santo, Paula doarticleopenAccess
2017Values’ family flow: associations between grandparents, parents and adolescent childrenPrioste, Ana; Narciso, Isabel; Gonçalves, Miguel M.; Pereira, Cícero RobertoarticleopenAccess
2016Napë: relações sociais múltiplas e interseccionaisVirgílio, JeffersonarticleopenAccess
2017The political economy of wine: How terroir and intra-sector dynamics affect land use in SpainAlonso González, Pablo; Parga-Dans, Eva; Macías Vázquez, AlfredoarticlerestrictedAccess
2017Differential impact of independent and interdependent views of the self on the use of consensus and heterogeneity information: The case of validity of groups’ decisionsLopes, Diniz; Vala, Jorge; Oberlé, DominiquearticleopenAccess
2017The chronic food deficit of early modern Portugal: curse or myth?Costa, Leonor Freire; Reis, JaimearticleopenAccess
2013Entre el mito y la realidad: Desplazamientos de personas, propaganda de Estado e imaginario del Imperio Colonial PortuguésMatos, Patrícia Ferraz dearticleopenAccess
31-Mai-2017Friendship, Gender and Sexual Experience: Retrospective Narratives About the Formation of a Sexual Self During YouthPolicarpo, VerónicaarticleopenAccess
2016A Few Non-Conclusive Thoughts about Foreign Policy and Social DemandsMalamud, AndrésarticleopenAccess
2017Tra Sagres e Lisbona. Musei di storia e identitá nazionale nell’Estado Novo portogheseGori, AnnaritaarticlerestrictedAccess
2017Including educational dance in an after-school socio-emotional learning program significantly improves pupils’ self-management and relationship skills? A quasi experimental studyPereira, Nádia Salgado; Marques Pinto, AlexandraarticleopenAccess
Items da Coleção (Ordenados por Data de depósito em ordem descendente): 21 até 40 de 765