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Título: At the entrance gate : students and biographical trajectories in the University of Lisbon
Autor: Almeida, Ana Nunes de
Vieira, Maria Manuel
Data: 2009
Citação: Almeida, A. N. de, Vieira, M. M. (2009). At the Entrance Gate: Students and Biographical Trajectories in the University of Lisbon. Portuguese Journal of Social Science Vol. 8, 2, 165-176
Resumo: University ‘failure’ is the starting point of this article, which is based on a case study at the University of Lisbon. The objective is to discuss concepts constructing ‘school failure’ as a problem in higher education systems, with special attention being given to contemporary debates on ‘youth condition’ in strongly individualised societies. The study selects first-year students in the University of Lisbon's eight faculties in 2003–2004, to establish a social characterisation of this group by applying an extensive survey to first-year students. A database was constructed and statistical treatment of the information undertaken. This article relates these findings to school failure indicators at the university and its various faculties. As a result, we expect to sketch a social portrait of new University of Lisbon students in 2003–2004 considered as a whole and in their internal diversity, and to illustrate links between their social trajectories and secondary school failure and success indicators.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10451/11109
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