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degois.publication.titleWelfare State in Portugal in age of austerirypor
dc.contributor.authorAlves, Sónia-
dc.contributor.authorVeludo, Ricardo-
dc.identifier.citationAlves, S, Veludo, R. (2014). The Importance of Housing in Portugal in the Age of Austerity. The Welfare State in Portugal in age of austeriry (pp. 1-26). Lisboa: ISEGpor
dc.description.abstractHousing is one of the pillars of the welfare state. It is, however, one of the least developed and most market-determined domains of social provision. In Portugal, as in other southern European countries, housing occupies a contingent position with complex social, historical, and nationally-specific political factors bearing upon it. By using statistical data and a literature review, this paper will provide an overview of the key factors shaping the housing system in Portugal in recent decades. We demonstrate the critical importance of housing in the Portuguese economy and society in regard to its significant share of GDP, national debt, and the high percentage of families who cannot afford satisfactory housing in the private sector. Among the main conclusions of this study are the inability of the state to regulate the property market and urban dynamics and contribute efficiently to the satisfaction of housing needs. Furthermore, land regulation and urban policies based on the growth-dependent paradigm raise questions not only regarding their adequacy in a crisis period, but also in terms of the sustainability of this paradigm.por
dc.titleThe Importance of Housing in Portugal in the Age of Austeritypor
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