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dc.contributor.advisorParra, Paulo, 1961--
dc.contributor.advisorViana, José, 1960--
dc.contributor.authorSantos, Ricardo Paulo da Silva Cameira, 1977--
dc.descriptionTese de mestrado, Design de Equipamento - Especialização em Design de Produto, Universidade de Lisboa, Faculdade de Belas Artes, 2014por
dc.description.abstractThe relationship between Design and Engineering has not its genesis in the 20th century. But it was in this century that the advantage of this association was perceived and came into existence. In fact, many of the objects that are part of contemporary modernity, could never have been produced without the support of applied scientific knowledge. Then, from the beginning of mass production in the early twentieth century came the need for bringing the two disciplines together: Design and Engineering. The link between Design and Engineering is creating a new dimension in the design process in all its key steps. Thus, research on methodologies for product design becomes the key to the integration of engineering, with obvious advantages in reducing cost, development time and investment by firms. The integration of engineering in the design process has an initial intervention in the planning and clarification of any issues - it will become a tool that serves mainly to aid economic and technical decision-making. Conceptual Design in engineering must be present in order to allow for an initial technical definition that can be manufactured according to the specifications and technological processes defined by the customer or that are internal. It should implicitly follow and support the validation and testing required in accordance with product specifications. This dissertation aims to analyze how Engineering is a fundamental discipline to achieve the total quality objectives of companies, integrating it in all key stages of the design process, and thus contribute as a key player in the competitiveness of companiespor
dc.subjectIndústria automóvelpor
dc.subjectDesign industrialpor
dc.titleEngenharia do design : a engenharia no processo de design da industria automóvelpor
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