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Title: Measurement of residual stress in multicrystalline silicon ribbons by a self-calibrating infrared photoelastic method
Author: Brito, M. C.
Pereira, J. P.
Maia Alves, J.
Serra, J. M.
Vallêra, A. M.
Keywords: Multicrystalline silicon ribbons
Infrared photoelastic technique
Photoelastic coefficients
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: American Institute of Physics
Abstract: This article reports on a method for the measurement of residual stress in multicrystalline silicon ribbons, based on the infrared photoelastic technique. This self-calibrating method allows the in situ determination of the photoelastic coefficients and can thus be used for any crystal orientation. The method was validated by the experimental determination of the photoelastic coefficient of monocrystalline (100) silicon wafers and by comparison with strain measurements using asymmetrical x-ray diffraction. The distribution of residual stress in multicrystalline silicon ribbons was also measured. The results showed strong evidence for tensile stress in the central region and compressive stress near the edges of the ribbons. Both the measured residual stress and the photoelastic coefficient distributions are correlated to grain boundaries
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