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Título: Aesthetics of youth scenes: politics of resistance or arts of existence?
Autor: Ferreira, Vítor Sérgio
Data: 2010
Citação: Ferreira, V. S. (2010). Aesthetics of youth scenes: politics of resistance or arts of existence? Congreso Internacional Jóvenes Construyendo Mundos Memoria, Panel 2, Ponencias.
Resumo: The aesthetic expressions which emerged in post-war youth micro-cultures used to have an intentional transformation of the collective order. Their objective was to display resistance and subvertion to a «social order» understood as an oppressor of youth life experiences and chances. A social order which some fringes of young people perceived as restrictor of their work possibilities and social mobility opportunities, subordinating them to a predefined order of values and social positions. In this paradigm, the stylistic resources created within some marginal youth scenes were subsumed to their class status and seen as an ideological reflection of their dominated and disadvantadge social position, as social representatives of the youth fringes of the working class. The political content of those micro-cultural expressions has, however, taken on new meanings. Where once it was found a militant and collective politics of resistance, impeled by an ethics of contestation of life standards, oriented by utopian and universalist values for its betterment and equality, we now observe a diverse and fragmented world of arts of existence. The youth scenes of nowadays are much more oriented towards an ethics of celebration of everyday life, cultivating particularist, hedonist, experimentalist, presentist and friendship values. More than to change the World, their action tryes to enlarge the field of possibilities of selfexpression and creativity, as well as to improve the conditions for the social recognition of their aesthetics as arts of living and for living from their arts.
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