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Título: Low Carbon Economies and SEA in Asia
Autor: Bina, Olivia
Ricci, Andrea
Data: 2010
Editora: Centre for Strategic Environmental Assessment
Citação: Bina, O., Ricci, A. (2010). Low Carbon Economies and SEA in Asia. Position paper for a double session at IAIA 2010. Hong Kong : Centre for Strategic Environmental Assessment
Resumo: The risks to the Asian region caused by climate change are becoming more apparent and urgent, as CO2 emissions continue to rise due to the interdependence of economic growth and carbon-based energy. Governments, think tanks and international agencies are proposing a number of concepts and policies aimed at addressing the risks but also harnessing the opportunities. Low-carbon economy (LCE) is fast becoming a central theme even for coal-dependent China, and around the world. Our aim is to start the debate around three questions: What is the relationship between LCE and related concepts/agendas such as green economy and sustainable development? How can the objectives of LCE (and related agendas) be linked to the broader remit of SEA-type processes? What can SEA-type processes contribute to the promotion of these agendas? How should SEA-type process and methods be adapted in order to achieve this?
Descrição: Position paper for a double session at IAIA 2010
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10451/11871
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