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dc.contributor.advisorTaveira, Rogério, 1966--
dc.contributor.authorNorris, Gemma, 1986--
dc.description.abstractThis thesis, that concludes the Masters in Multimedia Arts, elaborates a survey about my artistic practice, which is the link that connects, more or less firmly, the various episodes of a trajectory. Starting from the overlapse of meanings between the words «error» and «wandering», that share the same etymological root, the mediating axis of this study is the process of the loss of objectivity and the classificatory difficulties of contemporary art. To understand this process, it was necessary to analyze it from two different dimensions: the thematic of the error leads us to treat the operational modes that deviate in relation to the status quo, while the wandering alludes to an ongoing experimental activity that affirms the importance of uncertainty as the driving force of the artistic knowledge. During this itinerary, due to the fact that the priority domain of this research is in the area of Performance/ Installation, we challenge the aim of resemantizing the word «performance», which nowadays is an invading paradigm of the artistic discourses. Supported by the thought of artists (Fiete Stolte, Florian Slotawa, Ray Charles, Maria Thereza Alves), art historians (Nicolas Bourriaud, Dorothea von Hantelmann) and philosophers (Zygmunt Bauman, Edgar Morin, Henry David Thoreau, Michel Meffesoli), this dissertation advocates the positivity of errors, that play with the ways how we structure the world, highlighting the gap that exists between what we call normality and reality. The three videos, which compose the practical part of the thesis, function as markers, highlighting certain aspects of the reality and their symbolic potentialpor
dc.subjectSlotawa, Florian, 1962-por
dc.subjectStolte, Fiete, 1979-por
dc.subjectRay, Charles, 1953-por
dc.subjectAlves, Maria Thereza, 1961-por
dc.subjectPerformance artpor
dc.subjectInstalação (Arte)por
dc.titleErrorista : erro e errância nas práticas artísticas contemporâneaspor
thesis.degree.disciplineArte multimédia - Performance / Instalaçãopor
thesis.degree.nameTese de mestrado, Arte multimédia - Performance / Instalação, Universidade de Lisboa, Faculdade de Belas Artes, 2014por
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