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Título: Casa suspensa : território e pós-memória
Autor: Pitella, Téo Vilas Bôas, 1985-
Orientador: Maio, Fernanda, 1968-
Palavras-chave: Casa
Data de Defesa: 28-Nov-2013
Resumo: This master thesis presents the developing process and structure of the project “Suspended House – Territory and Post-memory. First are listed and described the concepts that support the directions that the project took. Some of the subjects included here are the different approaches to space in contemporary art – from the formal structure of conceptual artists to the cultural and community aspects of the relational art of today, and the symbolic problems discussed in the 70’s –and the construction of the idea of home as a territory, based on the theories described in “The Poetics of Space” by Gaston Bachelard (1978). Other points discussed are the archive and memory in the visual arts – discussing works of Tacita Dean and Erik Kessels, which belongs to what Hal Foster calls “failed futuristic visions” that use unfinished pasts to propose other possible futures –; and the relation between photographic reality and truth – or the built and manipulated realities based on the mix of the photographic index with symbolic elements of the imagination. In the second part of this project I present the ten maps developed using images of childhood homes of individuals displaced from the original territories. Based on their archive of images and the descriptions that these people sent me, we had conversations that worked as guides for seeing the childhood houses. After, these images were reprinted on the scale of a city tour map and on these new maps I worked on personal narratives and coincident memories to discuss issues of belonging and territoriality
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10451/12175
Designação: Tese de mestrado, Arte multimédia, Universidade de Lisboa, Faculdade de Belas Artes, 2013
Aparece nas colecções:FBA - Dissertações de Mestrado

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