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Título: Design rural : perspectiva de uma aldeia portuguesa e a sua transição para o século XXI
Autor: Carreiro, Ana Salomé Castiço Figueiredo, 1989-
Orientador: Parra, Paulo, 1961-
Gouveia, André, 1983-
Palavras-chave: Design
Aldeias portuguesas
Identidade cultural
Data de Defesa: 3-Jul-2014
Resumo: Since ever, the Human Being, in their way of be, is presented has a holder of the Design though, intrinsic in their actions. This though is followed in every generation and is presented, many times, by the most variable objects, which contribute for the cohabitation, survival and evolution of our specie. We can also say that, everything produced by Man is a reflection of his needs and worries, and so, essentials marcs for the understanding of His community. However, what should we expect of a territory, stage of this evolution, that has an unsustainable production and planning of the survival needs? What should be the designers position towards this conjuncture? This dissertation travels precisely to the meeting point between the most important themes for the resolution of the precedent questions. Themes as globalization, the perspective of the society about the rural universe or even, the trade of cultural products as a path for innovation, make part of the Theoretical Framework of this dissertation. Therefore, and with the perspective of the Product Design, we approached the problems that have been founded in a Portuguese village named Monsanto da Beira. Its actual model is examined on the Practical Framework, through the detail analysis of the historic, cultural, social, economic and environmental background. This study culminates in a business model presentation under the brand Laja – Das Pedras Nascem Coisas, created during this dissertation. The initial products are characterized by the strong cultural presence existing in Monsanto da Beira, but also by the work created with the aim of generating value towards the knowledge and labor of the population
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10451/12399
Designação: Tese de mestrado, Design de Equipamento - Especialização em design de produto, Universidade de Lisboa, Faculdade de Belas Artes, 2014
Aparece nas colecções:FBA - Dissertações de Mestrado

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