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Título: Análise e desenvolvimento de solução de service desk management - ITIL® V3: service asset & configuration management e service level management
Autor: Reis, Ricardo Manuel Vitória
Orientador: Ramos, Miguel Ângelo de Jesus Pereira
Teixeira, Carlos Jorge da Conceição
Palavras-chave: OutSystems Agile Platform
Service Asset & Configuration Management
ITIL® v3
Service Level Management
Service Desk Management
Data de Defesa: 2011
Resumo: This project aims to analyze and develop a Service Desk Management solution based on ITIL® v3 best practices. From the processes that the Information Technology Service Management best practices ITIL® v3 framework advocates for this kind of projects, this document will refer to the six that are part of the project: Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Release & Deployment Management, Service Asset & Configuration Management and Service Level Management. The first 4 were implemented in conjunction with other PEI, and the remaining two are specific to this project and will be particularly focused here. As far as the six processes discussed are concerned, and in the context of this Project, it will be presented the related work already undertaken in this area and it will be detailed, both the analysis and design of the proposed solution and the implementation of the two most focused processes in the project: Service Asset & Configuration Management and Service Level Management.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10451/13900
Aparece nas colecções:FC-DI - Master Thesis (dissertation)

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