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Título: Simbologia em realidade aumentada
Autor: Simplício, Raúl José Coelho
Orientador: Carmo, Beatriz
Cláudio, Ana Paula
Palavras-chave: Augmented Reality
Graphics, Cognition
Colours, Symbols
Data de Defesa: 2011
Resumo: The representation of graphical symbols to convey information raises cognitive issues that must be taken into account to obtain comprehensible results in terms of visualization. When these symbols are drawn over real images, as in Augmented Reality, these issues become more acute. Especially when visualization occurs in outdoor environments: with the absence of control over the characteristics of the real background image, it is necessary to dynamically adapt the graphical symbols that are being overlaid. Augmented Reality is a research area that emerged in the end of the 1960s, however, only recently has been widely applied. This is due to the recent appearance of mobile devices, equipped with capabilities that support this technology, and affordable to the general public. The study of cognition aspects related to the use of color and symbols has been the subject of several studies. However, there are still no studies about the use of graphic symbols over real images, still or in motion, to examine how to improve their visibility over the background. The purpose of this study was, after studying the work developed in this area, the implementation of a prototype that allows the creation of different approaches to symbol adaptation, and then test them, with users. Taking into account the results of the tests, it was possible to identify the most important characteristics that best fulfill the needs of the users of Augmented Reality applications.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10451/13910
Aparece nas colecções:FC-DI - Master Thesis (dissertation)

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