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Título: Adequação dos legados móveis para BI na TMN e construção de uma nova estrutura comercial e de parceiros
Autor: Lopes, Nuno Miguel Ramos
Orientador: Respício, Ana Luísa
Cláudio, Hugo
Palavras-chave: Business Intelligence
Management Partners
Commercial Structure
Segmentation Module and join of clients
Data de Defesa: 2011
Resumo: This document presents the framework and the introduction stage of the proposal entitled “Adequacy of Mobile BI Legacy for in TMN and Build of a New Commercial Structure and Partners”. The topic corresponds to adaptations of old processes and the construction of new processes that were required to respond to make two new structures created by the PT Group: Segmentation Module and join of clients (MSE) that is the segmentation and managementof the portfolios of clients of PT group and Master of Management Partners and Commercial Structure (MGPEC), that is the management of the hierarchy of commercial management of the PT group. These replaced the existing structures, ie, the Registry Agent Manager (RAG), the processes of segmentation and append of clients, and Old Commercial Structure. The first stage consisted of the analysis of requirements and analysis of the impact that the new structures would cause to the structure and processes of Business Intelligence (BI) that currently exists in TMN. After the production of technical and functional specification documents and their corresponding acceptation, we started the development phase. This consisted of building a support structure that stores the data from the MGPEC, the so-called staging area. This structure was then used in the construction of a new business structure composed of several tables, and the adequacy and modification of existing processes to respond to the new structures. The final phase of development of the project was devoted to provide support and to collaborate in the detection of software errors to the test team, and execution of acceptance tests in order to obtain the project aception.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10451/13919
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