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Título: ThermInfo: Collecting, Retrieving, and Estimating Reliable Thermochemical Data
Autor: Teixeira, Ana L.
Santos, Rui C.
Leal, João P.
Martinho Simões, José A.
Falcao, Andre O
Palavras-chave: Standard Reference Data
Thermochemical Properties
Organic Compounds
Information System
Web Database
Data: 31-Jan-2013
Relatório da Série N.º: 2013;02
Resumo: Standard enthalpies of formation are used for assessing the efficiency and safety of chemical processes in the chemical industry. However, the number of compounds for which the enthalpies of formation are available is many orders of magnitude smaller than the number of known compounds. Thermochemical data prediction methods are therefore clearly needed. Several commercial and free chemical databases are currently available, the NIST WebBook being the most used free source. To overcome this problem a cheminformatics system was designed and built with two main objectives in mind: collecting and retrieving critically evaluated thermochemical values, and estimating new data. In its present version, by using cheminformatics techniques, ThermInfo allows the retrieval of the value of a thermochemical property, such as a gas-phase standard enthalpy of formation, by inputting, for example, the molecular structure or the name of a compound. The same inputs can also be used to estimate data (presently restricted to non-polycyclic hydrocarbons) by using the Extended Laidler Bond Additivity (ELBA) method. The information system is publicly available at http://www.therminfo.com or http://therminfo.lasige.di.fc.ul.pt. ThermInfo’s strength lies in the data quality, availability (free access), search capabilities, and, in particular, prediction ability, based on a user-friendly interface that accepts inputs in several formats.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10451/14101
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