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Título: Experimental Validation of Architectural Solutions
Autor: Franceschinis, Giuliana
Alata, Eric
Antunes, João
Beitollah, Hakem
Bessani, Alysson Neves
Correia, Miguel
Dantas, Wagner
Deconinck, Geert
Kaâniche, Mohamed
Neves, Nuno
Nicomette, Vincent
Sousa, Paulo
Verissimo, Paulo
Data: Mar-2009
Relatório da Série N.º: ;di-fcul-tr-09-8
Resumo: In this deliverable the experimental results carried out in four different contexts are reported. The first contribution concerns an experimental campaign performed using the AJECT (Attack inJECTion) tool able to emulate different types of attackers behaviour and to collect information on the effect of such attacks on the target system performance. This tool is also used to perform some of the experiments described in the fourth part of the deliverable. The second contribution concerns a complementary approach using honeypots to cap- ture traces of attacker behaviours, to then study and characterize them. Different kinds of honeypots were deployed in the described experiments: low-interaction and high-interaction ones, exposing different kinds of services and protocols (general purpose network services as well as SCADA specific ones). The third and fourth contribution refer to experiments conducted on some com- ponents of the CRUTIAL architecture, namely FOSEL (Filtering with the help of Overlay Security Layer), the CIS-CS (Communication Service) and the CIS-PS (Protection Service). The experiments have been performed with the aim of evaluating the effectiveness of the proposed components from the point of view of the dependability improvement they bring, as well as the performance overhead introduced by their implementation.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10451/14186
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