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Título: DISC 2001 Brief Announcements
Autor: Welch, J.
Palavras-chave: Distributed Systems
Data: Out-2001
Editora: Department of Informatics, University of Lisbon
Relatório da Série N.º: di-fcul-tr-01-7
Resumo: DISC, the International Symposium on DIStributed Computing, is an annual forum for research presentations on all facets of distributed computing. In addition to regular papers, DISC also solicits Brief Announcements (BAs). It is hoped that researchers will use the BA track to quickly draw the attention of the community to their experiences, insights and results from ongoing distributed computing projects. For DISC 2001, which was held on Oct 3--5, 2001, in Lisbon, Portugal, the program committee selected 23 regular papers out of 70 papers submitted, and five BAs were selected for presentation. The 23 regular papers appear in the DISC 2001 proceedings, published by Springer-Verlag, as Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 2180. In addition to presentation of research papers, DISC 2001 hosted two invited lectures, by Gerard LeLann (INRIA, France) and David Peleg (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel)
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10451/14273
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